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In the vast universe of Elite Dangerous, the Krait Phantom is a ship that has captured the hearts of many explorers. With its sleek design, impressive jump range, and versatile outfitting options, the Krait Phantom has become a popular choice for those venturing into the unknown depths of space. In this article, we will delve into the world of Krait Phantom explorer builds, exploring the various modules and loadouts that can turn this ship into the ultimate exploration vessel. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a curious newcomer, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to create your own Krait Phantom explorer build.

Choosing the Right Ship

Before we dive into the details of outfitting the Krait Phantom, let's briefly discuss why this ship is an excellent choice for exploration. With a base jump range of around 40 light-years, the Krait Phantom already offers a solid starting point for any explorer. Additionally, it boasts a large fuel scoop, allowing for efficient refueling during long-range journeys. The ship's agility and speed also make it ideal for navigating through asteroid fields and planetary rings, making it an excellent choice for surface prospecting. Overall, the Krait Phantom strikes a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, making it a popular choice for explorers.

Core Internal Modules

The first step in creating your Krait Phantom explorer build is to choose the right core internal modules. These modules are essential for the ship's basic functionalities and cannot be removed. Here are the core internal modules you should consider:

1. Power Plant

The power plant determines the available power for your ship's systems. For an exploration build, it's recommended to prioritize power efficiency over output. Look for a power plant with a low heat generation and power draw to maximize your ship's efficiency while minimizing heat buildup.

2. Thrusters

Having efficient thrusters is crucial for exploration, as they determine your ship's maneuverability and speed. Opt for lightweight thrusters that prioritize agility and fuel efficiency over combat performance. This will allow you to navigate through tight spaces and conserve fuel during long journeys.

3. Frame Shift Drive

The frame shift drive is the heart of any exploration ship, as it enables you to jump between star systems. Look for a high-grade frame shift drive with a long optimal mass range to maximize your ship's jump range. Additionally, consider engineering your frame shift drive for increased range and decreased power draw.

4. Power Distributor

The power distributor determines how quickly your ship's systems recharge, including shields and weapons. For an exploration build, it's recommended to prioritize engine and systems recharge rates over weapons. This will allow you to boost more frequently and keep your ship's systems running smoothly.

5. Sensors

While sensors may not seem crucial for exploration, they play a vital role in discovering new stellar bodies and scanning them for valuable data. Opt for lightweight sensors with a long-range and fast scan time to expedite your exploration efforts.

Optional Internal Modules

Once you have chosen the core internal modules for your Krait Phantom, it's time to consider the optional internal modules. These modules offer additional functionalities and can be customized based on your personal preferences. Here are some options to consider:

1. Fuel Scoop

As an explorer, having a high-grade fuel scoop is essential for refueling during long journeys. Look for a fuel scoop with a high scoop rate and a large scoop radius to minimize the time spent refueling.

2. Guardian FSD Booster

The Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster is a valuable addition to any exploration ship. It increases your ship's maximum jump range by a significant margin, allowing you to reach distant systems that would otherwise be out of reach.

3. Advanced Discovery Scanner

Equipping an Advanced Discovery Scanner greatly enhances your exploration endeavors. It allows you to scan entire star systems at once, revealing all the stellar bodies within. This is particularly useful for identifying valuable planets and moons to explore further.

4. Detailed Surface Scanner

The Detailed Surface Scanner is a must-have module for any explorer looking to profit from their discoveries. It allows you to map and scan individual stellar bodies, revealing valuable geological and biological data. This data can be sold for substantial profits at certain stations.

5. Guardian Shield Reinforcement Package

While exploration is generally a peaceful endeavor, it's always wise to be prepared for unexpected encounters. Equipping a Guardian Shield Reinforcement Package can provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring your ship remains intact in case of an attack.

Optional External Modules

In addition to internal modules, the Krait Phantom offers a range of external modules that can further enhance your exploration capabilities. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Detailed Surface Scanner

While the Detailed Surface Scanner is typically equipped as an internal module, having an additional scanner on the ship's exterior can be beneficial. It allows for faster scanning of stellar bodies without having to switch between modules, saving you valuable time during your exploration endeavors.

2. Advanced Docking Computer

If you're planning on visiting multiple starports and outposts during your exploration journey, equipping an Advanced Docking Computer can save you time and effort. It allows for automated docking, freeing up your attention to focus on other tasks.

3. Guardian Hull Reinforcement Package

While primarily designed for combat scenarios, a Guardian Hull Reinforcement Package can provide additional protection for your ship during rough planetary landings or encounters with hostile environmental conditions.

4. Guardian Module Reinforcement Package

Similar to the hull reinforcement package, the Guardian Module Reinforcement Package offers additional protection for your ship's critical modules. This can be particularly useful during extended periods of exploration, where repairs may not be readily available.

5. Heat Sink Launcher

Equipping a heat sink launcher can be a lifesaver during close encounters with stars or other stellar bodies. It allows you to quickly dissipate excess heat, preventing damage to your ship's modules and systems.

Engineering Your Ship

To truly optimize your Krait Phantom explorer build, consider engineering your ship's modules. Engineering allows you to enhance various aspects of your ship, such as increasing jump range, reducing heat generation, or improving module integrity. Visit engineers scattered throughout the galaxy to unlock and upgrade your modules for maximum efficiency.

1. Felicity Farseer

Felicity Farseer, located in the Deciat system, is a popular engineer for explorers. She offers upgrades for the frame shift drive, thrusters, and power plant, allowing you to increase jump range, improve maneuverability, and reduce heat generation.

2. Elvira Martuuk

Elvira Martuuk, located in the Khun system, specializes in upgrading frame shift drives and thrusters. Pay her a visit to further enhance your ship's jump range and maneuverability.

3. The Dweller

The Dweller, located in the Wyrd system, is an engineer known for improving power distributors and sensors. Consider visiting him to enhance your ship's recharge rates and scanning capabilities.

4. Palin

Palin, located in the Maia system, offers upgrades for power plants and thrusters. His modifications can greatly improve your ship's power efficiency and maneuverability, making long exploration journeys more fuel-efficient.

5. Professor Palin

Professor Palin, located in the Arque system, specializes in frame shift drive upgrades. Pay him a visit to enhance your ship's jump range even further.


The Krait Phantom offers a fantastic platform for explorers to venture into the vastness of space. With its sleek design, impressive jump range, and versatile outfitting options, it's no wonder that the Krait Phantom has become a favorite among explorers. By carefully choosing the right core and optional internal modules, equipping the appropriate external modules, and engineering your ship for maximum efficiency, you can create the ultimate Krait Phantom explorer build. So fuel up, plot your course, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey into the unknown.