50 Who Is Like The Lord Chords

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In the world of music, chords play a significant role in creating harmonious sounds and melodies. One chord progression that has stood the test of time is "Who is Like the Lord." This powerful and uplifting song has captivated the hearts of many worshippers with its beautiful lyrics and soul-stirring melody. In this article, we will explore the chords used in "Who is Like the Lord" and provide a breakdown of each section, allowing you to play and lead this song confidently.

Understanding the Song

The Message Behind the Song

Before delving into the chords, let's take a moment to understand the message behind "Who is Like the Lord." This song is a declaration of God's greatness and His unmatched power. It reminds us that there is no one else like Him, and He deserves our worship and praise. The lyrics highlight God's faithfulness, sovereignty, and unfailing love, serving as a reminder of His attributes that we can rely on in every season of life.

Original Recording and Artists

"Who is Like the Lord" was originally recorded by Shane & Shane, an American contemporary worship duo. The song was featured on their album "The Worship Initiative, Vol. 18" released in 2019. Shane & Shane's rendition of this song beautifully captures the essence of worship and can serve as a valuable reference as you learn to play it on your instrument.

Chords Breakdown

Key and Tempo

"Who is Like the Lord" is in the key of C, which makes it accessible to a wide range of instruments and vocal ranges. The tempo of the song is moderate, allowing for a steady and reflective pace as you lead it. Before diving into the specific chords, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the key and tempo to establish a solid foundation.

Verse Chords

The song begins with a simple yet powerful verse progression. The chords used in the verse are C, G/D, Am, and F. This progression provides a smooth and melodic transition between each line of the verse, creating a sense of anticipation and building momentum as the song progresses. Take your time to practice transitioning between these chords to ensure a seamless flow.

Pre-Chorus Chords

The pre-chorus section of "Who is Like the Lord" adds an extra layer of intensity and anticipation before reaching the climax of the song. The chords used in the pre-chorus are F, C, G, and Am. This progression introduces a subtle shift in the song's dynamics, preparing the listeners for the powerful chorus that follows.

Chorus Chords

The chorus of "Who is Like the Lord" is the heart of the song, where the lyrics and melody intertwine to create a powerful and memorable worship experience. The chords used in the chorus are C, G, Am, and F. This progression repeats throughout the chorus, allowing for a consistent and engaging sound that draws worshippers into a place of adoration and reverence.

Bridge Chords

The bridge section of "Who is Like the Lord" provides a dynamic shift and serves as a moment of reflection and surrender. The chords used in the bridge are Am, F, C, and G. This progression adds depth and emotion to the song, allowing for a climactic build-up before returning to the final chorus.

Tips for Playing "Who is Like the Lord" Chords

Practice Smooth Transitions

To master the chords of "Who is Like the Lord," it's crucial to practice smooth transitions between each chord. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the finger placement for each chord and practice transitioning between them slowly at first. As you gain confidence, gradually increase the tempo and aim for a seamless flow between chords.

Pay Attention to Strumming Pattern

In addition to mastering the chords, paying attention to the strumming pattern is vital in capturing the essence of the song. Experiment with different strumming patterns and find one that complements the lyrics and melody. Remember to listen to the original recording for inspiration and guidance.

Add Dynamics to Your Playing

"Who is Like the Lord" is a song that allows for musical expression and dynamics. Experiment with playing softer during the verses and gradually building up intensity during the pre-chorus and chorus sections. This will create a compelling musical journey for both yourself and the listeners, enhancing the overall worship experience.

Sing Along as You Play

While mastering the chords is essential, don't forget to sing along as you play. This will help you establish a deeper connection with the lyrics and the message behind the song. As you lead others in worship, your vocalization and chord progression will work together to create a powerful and engaging worship experience.


"Who is Like the Lord" is a timeless worship song that has touched the hearts of countless worshippers. By understanding the chords and practicing the different sections, you can confidently lead this song and invite others into a place of adoration and praise. Remember to focus on the message behind the song and allow the chords to support and enhance the lyrics. As you continue to grow in your musical journey, "Who is Like the Lord" will serve as a beautiful reminder of God's unmatched greatness and love.