35 Aa Jao Chand Mere Noha Lyrics

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In this article, we will explore the mesmerizing lyrics of the song "Aa Jao Chand Mere Noha". This beautiful composition has captured the hearts of millions with its soul-stirring words and enchanting melody. We will delve deep into the meaning behind the lyrics, analyze the emotions it evokes, and appreciate the poetic brilliance of the song.

Verse 1: Aa Jao Chand Mere Noha

The opening verse of "Aa Jao Chand Mere Noha" sets the tone for the entire song. It invites the moon to come and witness the heart-wrenching pain and sorrow that the narrator is experiencing. The use of the word "noha" in the lyrics refers to a lamentation or mourning song, indicating that the narrator is grieving over a significant loss.

Verse 2: Teri Yaad Mein Rasta Bhool Gaye

This verse expresses the profound impact of the lost love on the narrator. The lyrics suggest that the narrator has lost their way in the memories of their beloved. The word "rasta" metaphorically represents the narrator's path in life, which they have forgotten due to the overwhelming presence of their beloved's memories.

Verse 3: Aankhon Mein Dard Hai, Aahon Mein Hai Sada

The third verse of the song paints a picture of immense pain and longing. The lyrics depict the narrator's eyes filled with sorrow and their sighs resonating with an eternal longing. The use of sensory imagery creates a vivid emotional landscape, allowing the listeners to empathize with the narrator's anguish.

Verse 4: Tumhein Paane Ki Chahat Mein

This verse explores the intense desire to attain the beloved. The lyrics reveal that the narrator is consumed by the longing to be with their beloved. The phrase "tumhein paane ki chahat mein" translates to "in the desire to attain you," highlighting the all-consuming nature of this longing.

Verse 5: Dil Ke Dard Ka Ilaaj Kya Hai?

Here, the lyrics pose a poignant question about the remedy for the pain in one's heart. The words "dil ke dard ka ilaaj kya hai" directly ask what the cure for heartache is. This introspective inquiry reflects the narrator's desperation to find solace and heal their wounded heart.

Verse 6: Tumse Milne Ko Tarasti Hai

This verse reveals the yearning to meet the beloved. The lyrics express the narrator's intense longing to be in the presence of their beloved. The phrase "tumse milne ko tarasti hai" conveys the narrator's deep desire and eagerness to reunite with their beloved.

Verse 7: Rooth Jane Ka Ehsaas Hai Mujhko

The seventh verse explores the feeling of being hurt and ignored by the beloved. The lyrics convey the narrator's realization of being mistreated and the emotional pain caused by the beloved's indifference. The phrase "rooth jane ka ehsaas hai mujhko" translates to "I feel the pain of your anger," highlighting the narrator's vulnerability.

Verse 8: Tere Bina Kuch Adhoora Sa Hai

This verse reflects the incompleteness felt in the absence of the beloved. The lyrics convey that without the presence of their beloved, the narrator's life feels incomplete and lacking. The phrase "tere bina kuch adhoora sa hai" encapsulates the emptiness and void experienced in the absence of the beloved.

Verse 9: Duniya Mein Koi Bhi Khushi Nahi Hai

Here, the lyrics delve into the desolation felt by the narrator. The words "duniya mein koi bhi khushi nahi hai" translate to "there is no happiness in the world." This verse emphasizes the profound sense of sorrow and emptiness that the narrator feels, suggesting that their happiness solely relies on the presence of their beloved.

Verse 10: Tumse Juda Hoke Mar Jayenge Hum

The final verse of the song expresses the depth of love and devotion the narrator has for their beloved. The lyrics convey the willingness to die rather than live a life without their beloved. The phrase "tumse juda hoke mar jayenge hum" translates to "we will die after being separated from you," portraying the intensity of the narrator's emotions.


"Aa Jao Chand Mere Noha" is a song that encapsulates the essence of love, pain, and longing. Each verse is crafted with poetic brilliance, evoking powerful emotions in the listeners. The lyrics take us on a journey of heartache, introspection, and profound devotion. It is a composition that resonates deeply with anyone who has experienced the bittersweet complexities of love and loss. So, immerse yourself in the captivating lyrics of "Aa Jao Chand Mere Noha" and let its beauty touch your soul.