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9th Annual Chili CookOff Photos & Winners
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Welcome to the Urbana Chili Cook Off, an annual event that brings together chili enthusiasts from all over the city to showcase their culinary skills and compete for the title of the best chili in town. This thrilling event has become a beloved tradition in Urbana, drawing both locals and visitors alike to indulge in the mouthwatering flavors and festive atmosphere.

A Celebration of Chili

The Urbana Chili Cook Off is a celebration of all things chili. From classic recipes to innovative twists, this event is a melting pot of flavors, aromas, and textures that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. Whether you're a fan of the traditional beef chili or prefer vegetarian or vegan options, there is something for everyone at this cook off.

Competitive Spirit

The cook off is more than just a gathering of chili aficionados; it's a battle of culinary prowess. Chefs and home cooks alike vie for the chance to claim the title of the best chili in town. The competition is fierce, with participants bringing their A-game and secret recipes to impress the judges and win over the crowd.

The Setup

Date and Location

The Urbana Chili Cook Off takes place on a sunny Saturday in the heart of downtown Urbana. The event is usually held in a spacious park, where participants set up their booths and visitors can stroll around, sampling the various chili offerings.

Booths and Decorations

Each participant is assigned a booth where they can showcase their chili creations. These booths are not only functional but also serve as a canvas for participants to display their creativity. From colorful banners and quirky decorations to personalized aprons and signage, the booths add to the festive atmosphere of the event.

Judging Panel

A panel of seasoned judges, including local chefs, food critics, and chili enthusiasts, is responsible for evaluating the chili entries. They assess each chili based on criteria such as taste, aroma, texture, and presentation. The judging process is blind, ensuring fairness and impartiality.

Sample and Taste

Unlimited Chili Tastings

One of the highlights of the Urbana Chili Cook Off is the opportunity to sample an array of chili varieties. Upon entry, visitors are provided with a tasting spoon and a chili tasting bowl. With these culinary tools in hand, attendees can wander from booth to booth, savoring the diverse flavors and deciding on their favorites.

Try Something New

The cook off is not only a chance to indulge in your favorite chili but also an opportunity to explore new flavors. With participants showcasing traditional recipes as well as experimental creations, you can expand your chili horizons and discover unique combinations of spices and ingredients that you may have never tried before.

Entertainment and Activities

Live Music

To add to the festive ambiance, the Urbana Chili Cook Off features live music performances throughout the day. Local bands and musicians take the stage, providing a backdrop of upbeat tunes that energize the crowd and create a lively atmosphere. From bluegrass to rock, the musical lineup caters to a variety of tastes.

Kid-Friendly Zone

The event organizers understand the importance of keeping the little ones entertained. A designated kid-friendly zone offers activities such as face painting, balloon twisting, and interactive games. This ensures that families can enjoy a fun-filled day together while parents savor the chili offerings.

Announcing the Winners

Award Categories

The Urbana Chili Cook Off recognizes excellence in various categories to honor the exceptional chili creations. These categories may include Best Traditional Chili, Most Creative Recipe, Hottest Chili, and Best Vegetarian/Vegan Chili. Each winner receives a trophy and bragging rights until the next year's event.

Community Choice Award

In addition to the judges' decisions, the Urbana Chili Cook Off also allows attendees to vote for their favorite chili through the Community Choice Award. This award gives everyone a chance to have their say and adds an exciting element of democracy to the event.


The Urbana Chili Cook Off is more than just a culinary competition; it's a celebration of community, creativity, and, of course, chili. Whether you're a chili connoisseur or simply looking for a fun-filled day with family and friends, this event offers something for everyone. So mark your calendars, bring your appetite, and join us at the next Urbana Chili Cook Off for a chili extravaganza you won't forget!