40 Tim Drake Fic Recs

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Tim Drake Fic Recs


Tim Drake, also known as the third Robin, has captured the hearts of DC Comics fans with his intelligence, wit, and determination. With his impressive detective skills and strategic mind, he has become a beloved character in the Batman mythos. If you're a fan of Tim Drake or simply looking to dive into the world of fanfiction, here are some must-read fic recommendations that explore different aspects of Tim's character and relationships.

1. "Red Hood and the Outlaws: The Untold Story" by batfamsquad

In this action-packed fic, Tim Drake takes center stage as he joins forces with Red Hood and Arsenal to form the Outlaws. The author beautifully delves into Tim's inner conflicts as he navigates his new role as Red Robin and his complicated dynamic with Jason Todd. With a perfect blend of humor, heart, and intense fight scenes, this fic is a must-read for any Tim Drake fan.

2. "Lost and Found" by shadowsoftheghost

Exploring the emotional aftermath of the events in "Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying," this fic focuses on Tim Drake's struggle with survivor's guilt and his determination to prove himself as Robin. The author skillfully delves into Tim's complex relationship with Batman and his fellow Robins, capturing the essence of Tim's character as he battles his inner demons. This fic is a poignant exploration of Tim's journey towards acceptance and self-discovery.

3. "The Art of Blending In" by wingsofthelost

Tim Drake's civilian life is often overshadowed by his superhero persona, but this fic sheds light on his struggles as a high school student trying to balance his double life. With a focus on Tim's relationships with his friends and family, the author beautifully captures the challenges he faces in maintaining a normal life while juggling his responsibilities as Robin. This fic is a heartwarming and relatable read for anyone who has ever felt like they didn't quite fit in.

4. "Birds of a Feather" by redhooded

One of the defining aspects of Tim Drake's character is his role as the "glue" that holds the Batfamily together. This fic explores Tim's relationships with each member of the Batfamily, showcasing his unique bond with Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, and even the villains he's crossed paths with. The author skillfully weaves together moments of camaraderie, conflict, and growth, painting a vivid picture of Tim's place in the Batfamily.

5. "The Detective's Son" by waywardbroth3r

Tim Drake's detective skills are second to none, and this fic puts his intellect and deductive abilities to the test. When a new case hits close to home, Tim must navigate a web of lies, secrets, and betrayals, all while dealing with the personal consequences of his pursuit of justice. With a gripping plot and well-rounded character development, this fic showcases Tim's brilliance as he unravels the mystery at hand.

6. "The Boy Wonder's Diary" by inkandpaperqwerty

This unique fic takes the form of Tim Drake's personal diary, offering readers an intimate look into his thoughts, fears, and hopes. From his early days as Robin to his journey towards becoming Red Robin, Tim's diary entries provide a nuanced exploration of his character and the challenges he faces as a young hero. The author's attention to detail and authentic voice make this fic a captivating read.

7. "When Worlds Collide" by multiverse_madness

Tim Drake's role as Robin often brings him into contact with other members of the DC Universe, and this fic explores the fascinating dynamics that arise from these encounters. From team-ups with the Teen Titans to unexpected alliances with heroes and villains alike, the author takes readers on a thrilling journey through different corners of the DC multiverse. This fic is a must-read for fans looking to see Tim interact with a wide range of characters.

8. "In the Shadows" by nightwing_rising

Tim Drake's relationship with Dick Grayson, the original Robin-turned-Nightwing, is a cornerstone of his character. This fic delves into the complexities of their bond, exploring their shared history, mentor/mentee dynamic, and the impact they have on each other's lives. With a focus on trust, growth, and brotherhood, this fic beautifully captures the essence of their relationship.

9. "Family Ties" by batfam_4ever

The Batfamily is known for its unconventional definition of "family," and this fic celebrates the unique bonds that tie Tim Drake to his fellow vigilantes. From his close friendship with Spoiler to his mentorship of the newest Robin, Tim's role as a brother figure and confidant shines through. This fic is a heartwarming exploration of the connections that make the Batfamily a force to be reckoned with.

10. "The Robin's Nest" by cape_crusader

Tim Drake's journey as Robin is filled with moments of triumph and tragedy, and this fic explores the emotional impact of his experiences. From facing his fears and overcoming personal demons to dealing with loss and grief, the author delves deep into Tim's psyche, showcasing his resilience and growth as a character. This fic is a powerful exploration of the human side of being a superhero.


Whether you're a longtime fan of Tim Drake or just discovering his character, these fic recommendations offer a range of stories that delve into different aspects of his life, relationships, and personal growth. Tim Drake's journey as Robin is a testament to the power of determination, intellect, and the bonds of family, and these fics capture the essence of his character in captivating and thought-provoking ways.