40 Hosanna En El Cielo Letra

Misa Hosanna
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Welcome to our blog, where we explore the beautiful and meaningful lyrics of the song "Hosanna en el Cielo." This powerful hymn has touched the hearts of many with its heartfelt message and uplifting melody. In this article, we will delve into the lyrics of "Hosanna en el Cielo" and explore the profound meaning behind each verse.

Verse 1: Hosanna en el Cielo

The opening line of the song, "Hosanna en el Cielo," immediately captures our attention. The word "Hosanna" originated from Hebrew and is often associated with praise and adoration. In this context, it serves as an invocation to the heavens, calling upon the celestial beings to join in worship and praise.

Exploring the Meaning

The phrase "Hosanna en el Cielo" reminds us of the divine presence that surrounds us and the importance of acknowledging and praising this higher power. It serves as a reminder to lift our voices and hearts in adoration, recognizing the immense love and grace that flows from the heavens above.

Verse 2: Bendito el que viene en el nombre del Señor

In the second verse, we encounter the line "Bendito el que viene en el nombre del Señor," which translates to "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord." This verse alludes to Jesus Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, where the people hailed him as the Messiah.

The Significance of the Phrase

The phrase "Bendito el que viene en el nombre del Señor" holds deep significance for Christians. It highlights Jesus' role as the Savior and acknowledges the blessings that come from following Him. This verse reminds us of the importance of welcoming Jesus into our lives and recognizing Him as the source of our salvation.

Verse 3: Hosanna, Hosanna en las alturas

The third verse of "Hosanna en el Cielo" repeats the word "Hosanna" but adds the phrase "en las alturas," meaning "in the highest." This line emphasizes the elevated nature of the praise and worship being offered to God.

Celestial Adoration

By proclaiming "Hosanna, Hosanna en las alturas," the song encourages us to lift our voices and hearts in heavenly adoration. It reminds us that our worship should reach beyond earthly boundaries and aspire to praise God in the highest realms. This verse serves as a reminder of the infinite majesty and glory of our Creator.

Verse 4: Bendito el que viene en el nombre del Señor

The fourth verse mirrors the second verse, repeating the line "Bendito el que viene en el nombre del Señor." This repetition reinforces the significance of Jesus' arrival and the blessings that come from accepting Him as Lord and Savior.

Continued Blessings

By restating "Bendito el que viene en el nombre del Señor," the song reiterates the ongoing blessings that flow from our relationship with Jesus. It reminds us that as we continue to walk in His ways, we can experience the abundant grace and mercy that comes from following Him.

Bridge: Santo, Santo, Santo es el Señor

The bridge of "Hosanna en el Cielo" introduces the phrase "Santo, Santo, Santo es el Señor," which translates to "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord." This powerful declaration exalts the holiness and purity of God.

Proclaiming God's Holiness

The repetition of "Santo, Santo, Santo es el Señor" reinforces the divine attribute of holiness. It invites us to join in the eternal chorus of heavenly beings who worship and adore God's holy name. This bridge reminds us of the awe-inspiring nature of our Creator and encourages us to approach Him with reverence and humility.

Verse 5: Hosanna en el Cielo

The final verse of "Hosanna en el Cielo" brings us back to the opening line, "Hosanna en el Cielo." This repetition serves as a powerful conclusion, reaffirming the central theme of the song.

A Final Call to Worship

The repetition of "Hosanna en el Cielo" in the last verse echoes the initial call to worship. It invites us to reflect on the lyrics and the profound meaning they hold. By concluding the song with this line, "Hosanna en el Cielo" leaves us with a sense of awe and reverence, inspiring us to continue praising God from the depths of our souls.


"Hosanna en el Cielo" is a hymn that encapsulates the essence of worship and adoration. From its opening invocation to the final call to praise, each verse carries a profound message. The lyrics remind us of the importance of recognizing and praising God's presence in our lives. They encourage us to welcome Jesus into our hearts and acknowledge Him as the source of our blessings. As we sing "Hosanna en el Cielo," may our voices join the chorus of celestial beings, offering our heartfelt adoration to the Lord.