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Welcome to our latest real estate spotlight, where we take a closer look at a remarkable property that captures the essence of luxury living. In this edition, we turn our attention to 435 East 119th Street, a stunning residence that offers unrivaled comfort, style, and convenience. Situated in the heart of the city, this property epitomizes modern urban living, blending contemporary design with timeless elegance. Join us as we explore the features and highlights of this exceptional address.

1. Location

At the heart of any great property is its location, and 435 East 119th Street certainly delivers in this aspect. Nestled in a vibrant neighborhood, this residence offers the perfect balance between tranquility and accessibility. With easy access to major highways, public transportation, and a multitude of amenities, residents will find themselves just minutes away from the city's best dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

2. Exterior Design

The first impression is often the most lasting, and the exterior design of 435 East 119th Street leaves a lasting impression indeed. The sleek lines, modern materials, and meticulous attention to detail create a striking facade that sets the tone for the rest of the property. From the moment you approach the front door, you'll know that you're entering a residence that is truly special.

3. Interior Layout

Step inside, and you'll be greeted by a thoughtfully designed interior layout that maximizes both space and functionality. From the open-concept living and dining area to the well-appointed bedrooms and bathrooms, every inch of this residence has been carefully considered to ensure comfort and convenience. The seamless flow between rooms creates an inviting atmosphere that is perfect for both everyday living and entertaining guests.

4. High-End Finishes

No detail has been overlooked when it comes to the finishes at 435 East 119th Street. From the hardwood flooring to the designer light fixtures and custom cabinetry, every element has been chosen to evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication. The quality craftsmanship is evident throughout the property, ensuring that residents are surrounded by beauty and elegance at every turn.

5. Gourmet Kitchen

For those who love to cook, the gourmet kitchen at 435 East 119th Street is a dream come true. Equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, ample counter space, and an abundance of storage, this culinary haven is the perfect place to unleash your inner chef. Whether you're preparing a simple weeknight meal or hosting a dinner party, this kitchen has everything you need to create culinary masterpieces.

6. Spa-Like Bathrooms

Escape to your own private oasis in the spa-like bathrooms at 435 East 119th Street. Featuring luxurious fixtures, sleek finishes, and modern design, these bathrooms offer a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Relax in the soaking tub, indulge in a refreshing rain shower, or pamper yourself at the double vanity. Every detail has been carefully curated to create a space that is both functional and indulgent.

7. Ample Storage

One common challenge in city living is finding enough storage space, but that is not a problem at 435 East 119th Street. This residence boasts ample storage throughout, with closets and built-in shelving in every room. From the entryway to the bedrooms, you'll find plenty of space to keep your belongings organized and out of sight, allowing you to maintain a clutter-free living environment.

8. Smart Home Technology

Embrace the future of home automation with the state-of-the-art smart home technology at 435 East 119th Street. Control the lighting, temperature, and security systems with just a touch of a button or a voice command. This cutting-edge technology not only enhances convenience but also improves energy efficiency, making your home a more sustainable and comfortable place to live.

9. Outdoor Spaces

In a densely populated city, outdoor spaces are a rare and valuable commodity. At 435 East 119th Street, residents can enjoy the luxury of private outdoor spaces, including balconies, terraces, and a rooftop garden. These well-appointed outdoor areas provide the perfect setting for relaxation, entertaining, and enjoying the breathtaking views of the city skyline.

10. Fitness Center

Staying fit and healthy is made easy at 435 East 119th Street, thanks to the fully equipped fitness center. Whether you prefer cardio workouts, strength training, or yoga sessions, you'll find everything you need to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. No more excuses for skipping the gym when it's just an elevator ride away.

11. Concierge Services

Living at 435 East 119th Street means enjoying the convenience of concierge services. From receiving packages to making dinner reservations, the dedicated concierge team is there to assist with your every need. Whether you're a busy professional or simply appreciate the luxury of having someone take care of the little things, this service is a true asset.

12. Pet-Friendly Amenities

For those with furry friends, 435 East 119th Street offers a range of pet-friendly amenities. From a designated dog run to grooming stations and pet-friendly common areas, this residence ensures that your four-legged companions are well taken care of. Say goodbye to long walks in the rain and hello to a pet-friendly lifestyle.

13. Parking Facilities

Car owners will appreciate the convenience of the parking facilities at 435 East 119th Street. With secure, underground parking available, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is safe and protected from the elements. No more circling the block in search of a parking spot or worrying about street parking restrictions.

14. Energy Efficiency

At 435 East 119th Street, sustainability is a top priority. The property has been designed with energy-efficient features and appliances, reducing its carbon footprint and helping residents lower their energy bills. From LED lighting to energy-saving appliances, every effort has been made to create an eco-friendly living environment.

15. Community Spaces

Living in a community is about more than just the individual units, and 435 East 119th Street understands the importance of fostering a sense of community. Residents can enjoy a range of shared spaces, including a lounge area, a rooftop terrace, and a communal garden. These spaces provide opportunities for socializing, hosting events, and connecting with neighbors.

16. Security Features

Your safety and peace of mind are paramount at 435 East 119th Street. The property is equipped with state-of-the-art security features, including 24/7 surveillance, secure access control, and a dedicated security team. Rest easy knowing that your home is protected and that you can enjoy the privacy and security you deserve.

17. Nearby Amenities

Living at 435 East 119th Street means having a wealth of amenities right at your doorstep. From grocery stores and pharmacies to restaurants and cafes, everything you need is just a short walk away. Spend less time commuting and more time enjoying all that the neighborhood has to offer.

18. Transit Options

Commuting is a breeze from 435 East 119th Street, thanks to its proximity to public transportation options. Whether you prefer the subway, bus, or commuter rail, you'll find convenient access to all three. Say goodbye to long, stressful commutes and hello to a more efficient and enjoyable way of getting around.

19. Nearby Schools

If education is a priority for you and your family, 435 East 119th Street is ideally located near a range of quality schools. From preschools and elementary schools to high schools and colleges, you'll find plenty of options to choose from. Give your children the best possible start in life by providing them with access to top-notch educational institutions.

20. Investment Potential

Finally, let's not forget about the investment potential of 435 East 119th Street. With its prime location, high-end finishes, and desirable amenities, this property is not only a wonderful place to call home but also a sound investment. Take advantage of the thriving real estate market and secure your future with a property that offers both comfort and value.


435 East 119th Street is more than just a residence; it's a lifestyle. With its prime location, luxurious features, and thoughtful amenities, this property offers the best of urban living. Whether you're looking for a place to call home or an investment opportunity, this address is sure to exceed your expectations. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the epitome of luxury living - schedule a viewing today and see for yourself what sets 435 East 119th Street apart from the rest.