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Welcome to Woodland Elementary School! As a parent or guardian, you undoubtedly want to make sure your child is prepared for the upcoming school year. To help you out, we have put together a comprehensive supply list that includes everything your child will need to succeed in their classes. From pencils and notebooks to calculators and art supplies, this list has got you covered. Read on to find out what items are necessary for each grade level.


Starting school is an exciting time for kindergarteners, and having the right supplies can make the transition even smoother. Here are the essential items your little one will need:


A sturdy backpack is a must-have for kindergarteners. Look for one with adjustable straps and plenty of room for all their belongings. Choosing a design that your child loves can also help them get excited about going to school.


Invest in a box of crayons with a wide range of colors. This will allow your child to explore their creativity and engage in art projects. Make sure the crayons are non-toxic and easy to grip for little hands.

Glue sticks

Glue sticks are essential for various craft activities. Opt for washable glue sticks to make cleanup easier if accidents happen. Your child will love showing off their artwork to you!


Kindergarteners often have runny noses, so it's a good idea to send them to school with a small pack of tissues. This will help keep them comfortable throughout the day and teach them about personal hygiene.


Choose a few folders in different colors for your child to keep their papers organized. Label each folder with their name and the subject it's meant for, such as "math" or "art."

First Grade

First grade is an important year for building foundational skills. Ensure your child is ready to tackle the challenges ahead with these supplies:


Stock up on a pack of pencils, as they tend to get lost or worn down quickly. Consider purchasing ones with erasers attached, so your child can easily correct any mistakes.


First graders will benefit from having a notebook for each subject. Look for ones with wide-ruled paper to help them practice their handwriting and organize their thoughts.


Child-safe scissors are a must-have for first graders. They will be used for cutting out shapes, practicing fine motor skills, and completing various arts and crafts projects.


Invest in a set of washable markers, as they will be used for coloring activities and creating visual aids. Make sure the markers have a fine tip for detailed work.

Hand sanitizer

Good hand hygiene is especially important in a school setting. Include a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your child's supply list to help keep germs at bay.

Second Grade

Second grade is a time for expanding knowledge and developing more advanced skills. Make sure your child has the right tools with these essential supplies:

Ruled paper

Second graders will be doing more writing, so having a supply of ruled paper is crucial. Look for ones with a dashed center line to help your child practice proper letter formation.


Introduce your child to the concept of organization by providing them with a binder for their papers. Include dividers labeled with each subject to keep everything neat and easily accessible.


A basic calculator can be helpful for second graders as they start learning basic math operations. Look for one with large buttons and a simple interface.


Highlighters are great for emphasizing important information and helping your child remember key concepts. Choose a few different colors to keep things interesting.

Index cards

Index cards are excellent tools for studying and memorization. Encourage your child to use them to create flashcards for spelling words, math facts, and other important information.

Third Grade

As your child progresses to third grade, their workload and responsibilities will increase. Prepare them for success with these essential supplies:

Composition notebooks

Third graders will need composition notebooks for various subjects. These notebooks have sewn bindings and sturdy covers, making them durable for everyday use.


Introduce your child to using pens for writing assignments. Opt for ones with smooth ink flow and a comfortable grip.

Scientific calculator

Math becomes more complex in third grade, so a scientific calculator will come in handy for solving equations and working with fractions. Look for one with a clear display and functions appropriate for your child's grade level.

Protractor and ruler

Geometry concepts start to emerge in third grade, so having a protractor and ruler is essential for measuring angles and drawing accurate shapes.

Earbuds or headphones

Many assignments and activities in third grade involve using technology. Provide your child with a pair of earbuds or headphones to use with computers or tablets.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is a pivotal year for students as they prepare for the transition to middle school. Ensure your child is well-equipped with these essential supplies:

Spiral notebooks

Fourth graders will need spiral notebooks for note-taking and organizing their thoughts. Look for ones with perforated pages for easy tear-out.

Colored pencils

Colored pencils are a versatile tool for art projects and adding visual elements to assignments. Invest in a set with a wide range of colors.

USB flash drive

As students start working on more digital assignments, having a USB flash drive can be helpful for storing and transferring files between school and home.


Fourth graders will encounter new vocabulary words in their reading and writing assignments. Provide them with a dictionary to look up unfamiliar words and expand their vocabulary.


Geometry concepts continue to be explored in fourth grade, so a compass is necessary for drawing circles and arcs with precision.

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is the final year of elementary school, and students will be preparing for the transition to middle school. Help them finish strong with these essential supplies:

Graph paper

Graph paper is essential for learning and practicing math concepts like plotting points and graphing equations. Make sure to get the right size and spacing for your child's needs.

Organizer or planner

Fifth graders will have multiple assignments and deadlines to keep track of. Provide them with an organizer or planner to help them stay organized and manage their time effectively.

Geometry set

A geometry set typically includes a compass, ruler, protractor, and other tools necessary for advanced math and drawing. Your child will need these tools for geometry assignments.

Whiteboard or dry erase markers

Having a small whiteboard and dry erase markers can be useful for practicing math problems, working through difficult concepts, and collaborating with classmates.

Scientific dictionary

Fifth graders will encounter more complex scientific terms in their science curriculum. Provide them with a scientific dictionary to aid in understanding these concepts.


By ensuring your child has the necessary supplies, you are setting them up for a successful and productive school year. Remember to label all their belongings with their name to prevent any mix-ups. If you have any questions or need further clarification on the supply list, don't hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher or the school administration. We wish your child a fantastic year at Woodland Elementary School!