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Clickplay Time 6 Answers


Welcome to the sixth edition of Clickplay Time! If you've been enjoying the brain-teasing challenges of this popular puzzle game, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll provide you with the answers and solutions to all the levels in Clickplay Time 6. So, if you're feeling stuck or just want to check if you've got it right, read on!

Level 1: The Missing Play Button

In this level, you're faced with a blank screen and your objective is to find the hidden play button. Look closely at the surroundings, click on any interactive objects, and don't forget to explore the edges of the screen. Sometimes, the play button may be cleverly hidden in plain sight.

Level 2: The Colorful Grid

Level 2 introduces a grid filled with colored squares. Your task is to click on the squares in the correct order to reveal the play button. Pay attention to the sequence of colors and their positions within the grid. Take your time to analyze the pattern before making your clicks.

Level 3: Balloon Challenge

This level presents you with a bunch of balloons floating on the screen. Your mission is to pop them all and find the hidden play button. Click on the balloons in a strategic manner to clear the way and reveal the button. Don't forget to consider the physics of the balloons as you make your moves.

Level 4: The Haunted House

In this level, you'll find yourself in a spooky haunted house. Your objective is to interact with various objects and unravel the secrets to find the play button. Explore each room, click on suspicious items, and solve any puzzles or riddles that come your way. Be brave and don't let the eerie atmosphere distract you from your goal.

Level 5: The Musical Puzzle

Level 5 introduces a musical puzzle that requires your keen sense of hearing. Listen carefully to the sounds and melodies played by the objects on the screen. Your task is to recreate the correct sequence of notes to unlock the play button. Use your observation skills and rely on your sense of rhythm to solve this challenging level.

Level 6: The Time Travel Maze

Prepare for a journey through time in this level. You'll be navigating a maze filled with doors that lead to different eras. Your goal is to find the correct path that will ultimately take you to the play button. Pay attention to the clues, explore each era, and make strategic choices to successfully complete this time-traveling challenge.

Level 7: The Mirror Puzzle

In Level 7, you'll encounter a mirror puzzle that will put your logical thinking to the test. Your objective is to manipulate the mirrors to guide a laser beam towards the play button. Experiment with different angles and positions of the mirrors to redirect the beam in the right direction. Don't be afraid to try out different combinations until you find the solution.

Level 8: The Word Search

This level presents you with a grid of letters, and your task is to find the hidden words that relate to the play button. Look horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to uncover the words. Some words may be hidden backwards or even intertwined with other letters. Keep a sharp eye and a focused mind to conquer this word search challenge.

Level 9: The Gravity Puzzle

Level 9 introduces a gravity puzzle where you must manipulate the laws of physics to reach the play button. Use the gravity-changing objects strategically to navigate through the obstacles and reach your destination. Think outside the box and consider how gravity can be your ally in this mind-bending level.

Level 10: The Tricky Lock

Get ready for a puzzle involving locks and keys in Level 10. Your objective is to find the correct combination to unlock the play button. Examine the clues carefully, think logically, and experiment with different combinations until you crack the code. Stay patient and persistent – the solution is within your reach.

Level 11: The Maze Runner

In this level, you'll be faced with a complex maze that requires your navigation skills. Your mission is to find the shortest path to the play button while avoiding dead ends and traps. Analyze the layout of the maze, plan your moves ahead, and trust your instincts to successfully make your way through this challenging puzzle.

Level 12: The Hidden Picture

Level 12 presents you with a seemingly ordinary picture, but there's more than meets the eye. Your task is to uncover hidden elements and interact with them to reveal the play button. Look for subtle changes in colors, patterns, or shapes that may indicate areas of interest. Pay attention to details and be observant to conquer this level.

Level 13: The Domino Effect

This level will test your ability to create a chain reaction using dominoes. Your objective is to strategically place the dominoes in a way that, when triggered, they lead to the play button. Experiment with different arrangements, consider the physics of falling dominoes, and think several steps ahead to achieve success in this challenging level.

Level 14: The Memory Game

Level 14 introduces a memory game where you must remember and recreate a sequence of actions. Pay close attention to the order in which objects are activated and replicate the sequence accurately. Train your memory, stay focused, and don't let distractions hinder your progress in this memory-testing level.

Level 15: The Math Challenge

This level will put your math skills to the test. You'll be presented with a series of mathematical equations, and your task is to find the missing number or solve the equation to uncover the play button. Sharpen your calculation abilities, think logically, and apply your mathematical knowledge to conquer this numerical challenge.

Level 16: The Tangram Puzzle

Level 16 introduces a tangram puzzle that requires you to assemble geometric shapes. Your objective is to fit the given pieces together to form a specific shape that will reveal the play button. Pay attention to the angles, sizes, and orientations of the pieces as you solve this spatial puzzle. Patience and precision are key to success.

Level 17: The Physics Experiment

In this level, you'll be conducting a physics experiment to find the play button. Interact with objects, manipulate gravity, and observe the outcomes of your actions. Experiment with different variables, analyze cause and effect relationships, and use your knowledge of physics to progress through this experimental challenge.

Level 18: The Jigsaw Puzzle

Level 18 presents you with a jigsaw puzzle that requires you to piece together fragmented images. Your goal is to arrange the puzzle pieces in their correct positions to form a coherent picture that reveals the play button. Pay close attention to the details, shapes, and colors to successfully solve this visual puzzle.

Level 19: The Pattern Recognition

This level will test your ability to recognize and continue patterns. Your task is to identify the underlying pattern and select the missing element that completes it. Pay attention to colors, shapes, numbers, or any other characteristic that may contribute to the pattern. Train your pattern recognition skills and solve this challenging level.

Level 20: The Riddle Challenge

Get ready for a series of riddles in Level 20. Your objective is to decipher the clues and find the correct answers that will lead you to the play button. Think critically, consider alternative interpretations, and don't be afraid to think outside the box. Sharpen your wit and solve these mind-bending riddles to complete Clickplay Time 6.


Congratulations on completing Clickplay Time 6! We hope this guide has helped you overcome any obstacles you encountered along the way. Remember, these answers are just a tool to assist you, and the real satisfaction lies in solving the puzzles on your own. If you enjoyed this edition of Clickplay Time, stay tuned for future updates and new challenges to keep your mind sharp and entertained.