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St. Edward Wrestling Four St. Edward senior wrestlers finish with over 100 career wins, senior
St. Edward Wrestling Four St. Edward senior wrestlers finish with over 100 career wins, senior from sehseagleswrestling.blogspot.com

St Eds Wrestling Schedule


Wrestling has always been a popular sport, and St Eds School has a rich history in producing top-notch wrestlers. If you're a fan or a parent of a student at St Eds, it's important to stay updated with the wrestling schedule. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the St Eds wrestling schedule for the current season. So, let's dive in!

Season Overview

The wrestling season at St Eds typically runs from November to February. During this time, the team participates in several tournaments and dual meets, both home and away. The schedule is carefully curated to provide the wrestlers with ample opportunities to showcase their skills and improve their performance before the championship season begins.

Home Matches

St Eds School hosts a number of home matches throughout the wrestling season. These matches take place in the school's state-of-the-art wrestling facility, which provides an excellent environment for both wrestlers and spectators. Attending home matches is a great way to support the team and witness the talent and dedication of St Eds wrestlers firsthand.

Away Matches

In addition to home matches, the St Eds wrestling team also competes in a series of away matches. These matches offer an opportunity for the team to face off against other schools and test their skills on different mats. The away matches are often held at various locations within the state, providing an exciting experience for both the wrestlers and their supporters.


One of the highlights of the wrestling season at St Eds is the participation in tournaments. These tournaments bring together teams from different schools, creating a competitive atmosphere where wrestlers can challenge themselves and strive for victory. St Eds wrestlers have a strong presence in these tournaments, often securing top positions and bringing home medals and accolades.

Championship Season

The championship season is the most crucial part of the wrestling schedule at St Eds. During this time, the team competes in various championship events, including district, regional, and state tournaments. These tournaments determine the best wrestlers in each category and provide an opportunity for St Eds wrestlers to showcase their skills at the highest level. The championship season is filled with excitement and intense competition, making it a must-watch for wrestling enthusiasts.

Important Dates

Here are some important dates to mark on your calendar for the St Eds wrestling schedule:

November 15 - Season Opener

The wrestling season kicks off with the season opener, where St Eds will face off against their first opponent. This match sets the tone for the rest of the season and is an exciting event for wrestlers and fans alike.

December 5 - St Eds Invitational

The St Eds Invitational is a prestigious tournament hosted by the school. It brings together top wrestling teams from the region and provides an opportunity for St Eds wrestlers to showcase their skills on their home turf.

January 10 - Dual Meet vs. Rival School

The dual meet against the rival school is always a highly anticipated event. The intense rivalry adds an extra level of excitement to the match, making it a must-see for both students and supporters.

February 18-20 - State Championships

The state championships are the pinnacle of the wrestling season. St Eds wrestlers who have performed exceptionally well throughout the season will have the opportunity to compete against the best wrestlers in the state and vie for the state title.

How to Get Tickets

If you're interested in attending any of the wrestling matches or tournaments, it's important to know how to get tickets. St Eds School usually provides information on ticket sales through their website or school office. It's recommended to purchase tickets in advance, especially for high-profile events, to secure your spot and avoid any last-minute disappointments.

Ways to Support the Team

If you're unable to attend the matches in person, there are still ways to support the St Eds wrestling team. You can follow their progress on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and engage with their posts by liking, sharing, and leaving encouraging comments. This virtual support means a lot to the wrestlers and helps boost their morale.


The St Eds wrestling schedule is packed with exciting matches, tournaments, and championships. Whether you're a fan, a parent, or a student, staying updated with the schedule will ensure that you don't miss any of the action. So, mark your calendars, get your tickets, and be prepared to witness the talent and dedication of the St Eds wrestling team in action!