45 Lacrosse Camps In Maine

One of the Finest Boys' Camps in Maine, A Summer Overnight Camp
One of the Finest Boys' Camps in Maine, A Summer Overnight Camp from www.camptakajo.com

Lacrosse Camps in Maine


As the popularity of lacrosse continues to grow, so does the demand for high-quality lacrosse camps. Maine, with its stunning natural landscapes and vibrant lacrosse community, has become a hotspot for lacrosse enthusiasts of all ages. In this article, we will explore some of the best lacrosse camps in Maine, offering a comprehensive guide for players, parents, and coaches alike.

1. Camp A

Camp A is one of the premier lacrosse camps in Maine, known for its top-notch facilities and experienced coaching staff. With a focus on skill development and team building, Camp A provides a holistic approach to lacrosse training. Players of all skill levels are welcome, and the camp offers both day and overnight options for added convenience.

2. Camp B

Camp B stands out for its emphasis on individualized instruction and personalized feedback. With a low camper-to-coach ratio, each player receives ample attention and support from the experienced coaching staff. The camp also offers specialized training in specific positions, allowing players to hone their skills in areas such as attack, defense, and goalkeeping.

3. Camp C

Camp C caters to young lacrosse players, providing a fun and educational experience for kids aged 8-12. The camp focuses on introducing the fundamentals of lacrosse in a safe and supportive environment. Campers learn the basics of stick handling, passing, shooting, and game strategy through engaging drills and small-sided games.

4. Camp D

Camp D is renowned for its elite-level training and competitive atmosphere. Geared towards high school players looking to take their game to the next level, the camp offers intensive skill development sessions, tactical training, and competitive scrimmages. With college coaches often in attendance, Camp D provides an excellent opportunity for players to showcase their talent and gain exposure.

5. Camp E

Camp E prides itself on its unique approach to lacrosse training, combining on-field sessions with off-field activities that promote character development and teamwork. In addition to lacrosse drills and scrimmages, campers participate in team-building exercises, leadership workshops, and community service projects. Camp E aims to foster not only skilled players but also well-rounded individuals.

6. Camp F

Camp F offers specialized goalie training for aspiring lacrosse goalkeepers. Led by experienced goalie coaches, the camp focuses on developing the technical skills, reflexes, and decision-making abilities necessary for success between the pipes. Campers receive personalized instruction and participate in game-like scenarios to simulate real-game situations.

7. Camp G

Camp G is a girls-only lacrosse camp that provides a supportive and empowering environment for female players. With a strong emphasis on skill development, tactical training, and team dynamics, the camp aims to inspire and elevate the next generation of female lacrosse players. Camp G also offers seminars on nutrition, injury prevention, and college recruiting.

8. Camp H

Camp H is a day camp specifically designed for beginner lacrosse players who are looking to try out the sport for the first time. The camp focuses on teaching the basic skills and rules of lacrosse through fun and engaging activities. Campers will learn how to catch, throw, and cradle the ball, as well as participate in mini-games and scrimmages.

9. Camp I

Camp I is a week-long residential camp that provides a comprehensive lacrosse experience for high school players. With a curriculum that covers technical skills, tactical strategies, strength and conditioning, and mental preparation, Camp I aims to prepare players for the rigors of high-level competition. The camp also offers college recruiting guidance and opportunities for players to showcase their skills.

10. Camp J

Camp J is a summer lacrosse camp that combines skill development with outdoor adventure. Alongside lacrosse training sessions, campers have the opportunity to explore Maine's beautiful wilderness through activities such as hiking, canoeing, and camping. Camp J aims to foster a love for both lacrosse and the great outdoors.

11. Camp K

Camp K is a specialized faceoff camp that focuses on teaching the nuances and techniques of the faceoff position. Led by expert faceoff coaches, the camp provides in-depth instruction on hand speed, body positioning, and strategy. Campers have the opportunity to refine their faceoff skills through simulated game situations and one-on-one competitions.

12. Camp L

Camp L offers a unique lacrosse experience by incorporating cross-training activities into its program. Alongside lacrosse training sessions, campers participate in activities such as yoga, swimming, and strength training. By diversifying their training regimen, Camp L aims to enhance players' overall athleticism and prevent burnout.

13. Camp M

Camp M is a college lacrosse showcase camp aimed at high school players looking to compete at the collegiate level. The camp provides an opportunity for players to showcase their skills in front of college coaches, receive feedback, and gain exposure. Camp M also offers seminars on the college recruiting process, academic eligibility, and NCAA regulations.

14. Camp N

Camp N is a winter lacrosse camp that offers indoor training and competition during the offseason. With a focus on skill development and game preparation, the camp aims to help players stay sharp and continue their progress during the winter months. Campers participate in drills, scrimmages, and specialized training sessions.

15. Camp O

Camp O is a lacrosse camp specifically tailored for goalkeepers. With a dedicated goalie curriculum, the camp provides intensive training on footwork, positioning, shot-stopping, and clearing. Campers receive personalized instruction from experienced goalie coaches and participate in game-like situations to enhance their skills.

16. Camp P

Camp P is a day camp that focuses on teaching advanced offensive and defensive strategies to high school lacrosse players. The camp covers topics such as man-to-man defense, offensive sets, transition play, and game management. Campers have the opportunity to apply these strategies in competitive scrimmages and receive feedback from experienced coaches.

17. Camp Q

Camp Q is a summer lacrosse camp that offers a diverse range of lacrosse activities, including skills clinics, positional training, and game play. The camp caters to players of all ages and skill levels, providing a supportive and inclusive environment for growth and development. Campers have the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches and compete against players from different backgrounds.

18. Camp R

Camp R is a lacrosse camp that places a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and character development. In addition to lacrosse training sessions, campers participate in workshops on leadership, teamwork, and integrity. The camp aims to instill values that extend beyond the field and empower players to become positive role models.

19. Camp S

Camp S is a specialized lacrosse camp for defensive players looking to enhance their skills and tactical understanding. Led by experienced defensive coaches, the camp covers topics such as body positioning, stick checks, communication, and defensive strategies. Campers have the opportunity to apply these skills in game-like scenarios and receive personalized feedback.

20. Camp T

Camp T is a lacrosse camp that offers a combination of skill development, game strategy, and mental preparation. The camp focuses not only on improving technical skills but also on developing a strong lacrosse IQ and mental resilience. Campers participate in drills, scrimmages, and classroom sessions to enhance their overall understanding of the game.


Maine is home to a wide array of lacrosse camps, each offering unique training experiences for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to try out the sport or an experienced player aiming to take your game to the next level, there is a lacrosse camp in Maine that can meet your needs. With top-notch facilities, experienced coaching staff, and a supportive lacrosse community, these camps provide the perfect environment for players to grow, learn, and excel in the sport they love.