65 Vermilion County Basketball Tournament 2023

Annual County Basketball Tournament Now Set to Return to DACC Vermilion County First
Annual County Basketball Tournament Now Set to Return to DACC Vermilion County First from vermilioncountyfirst.com


The Vermilion County Basketball Tournament is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the region. Held annually, this tournament brings together the best high school basketball teams in Vermilion County for a week of intense competition. In 2023, the tournament promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with teams from all over the county vying for the coveted championship title. From thrilling games to standout players, here's everything you need to know about the Vermilion County Basketball Tournament 2023.

Tournament Format

The Vermilion County Basketball Tournament follows a round-robin format, where each team plays against all the other teams in the tournament. The top four teams with the best records advance to the semifinals, where the winners compete in the championship game. This format ensures that every team has a chance to showcase their skills and compete for the title.

Pool Stage

The pool stage of the tournament consists of all the teams divided into groups. Each team plays a predetermined number of games against the other teams in their group. The teams earn points based on their performances, with a win earning them two points and a loss earning them zero points. In case of a tie, teams receive one point each.


After the pool stage, the top four teams with the highest points advance to the semifinals. The first-place team from one group plays against the second-place team from the other group in the semifinals. The winners of these games move on to the championship game, while the losing teams compete for the third-place position.

Championship Game

The championship game is the pinnacle of the Vermilion County Basketball Tournament. The two remaining teams battle it out on the court to claim the title of the best basketball team in the county. This game is known for its high intensity and thrilling moments, as players give their all to secure victory for their team.

Key Players to Watch

The Vermilion County Basketball Tournament is known for producing some exceptional talent, and the 2023 edition is no exception. Here are a few key players to keep an eye on:

John Thompson (Riverside High School)

John Thompson is a rising star in the basketball world. With his exceptional shooting skills and impeccable court vision, he has been a standout player for Riverside High School. Thompson's ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates makes him a player to watch in the tournament.

Sarah Miller (Oakland High School)

Sarah Miller is a force to be reckoned with on the court. Her incredible speed and agility allow her to drive past defenders and score with ease. Miller's tenacity on defense also makes her a formidable opponent. As the captain of Oakland High School's basketball team, she is expected to lead her team to success in the tournament.

Michael Johnson (Danville High School)

Michael Johnson is a versatile player who excels in all aspects of the game. Whether it's shooting from beyond the arc or driving to the basket, Johnson can do it all. His leadership skills and ability to make clutch plays in pressure situations make him an invaluable asset to Danville High School.

Tournament Highlights

The Vermilion County Basketball Tournament is known for its thrilling moments and unforgettable games. Here are a few highlights from previous editions of the tournament:

Overtime Thriller

In the 2022 tournament, the semifinal game between Riverside High School and Danville High School went into overtime. The game was a nail-biter, with both teams giving it their all. In the end, Riverside High School emerged victorious with a final score of 78-76, securing their spot in the championship game.

Historic Upset

In 2019, the underdog team from Georgetown High School shocked everyone by defeating the tournament favorites, Oakwood High School, in the quarterfinals. It was a historic upset that showcased the unpredictable nature of the tournament and the talent that exists in every team.

Record-Breaking Performance

In the 2018 championship game, John Thompson from Riverside High School put on a record-breaking performance. He scored 40 points, surpassing the previous tournament record of 35 points. Thompson's incredible display of skill and determination led his team to victory and earned him the tournament MVP title.

Tips for Enjoying the Tournament

To make the most of your experience at the Vermilion County Basketball Tournament, here are a few tips:

Arrive Early

Due to the tournament's popularity, it's best to arrive early to secure a good seat. The stands fill up quickly, and you don't want to miss out on the action because of limited seating.

Bring Snacks and Drinks

The tournament can be a long day of basketball, so it's a good idea to bring snacks and drinks to keep you energized throughout the day. Make sure to pack some healthy options along with your favorite treats.

Support Local Businesses

While attending the tournament, take the opportunity to support local businesses in the area. Whether it's grabbing a meal from a nearby restaurant or purchasing merchandise from the teams, your support helps boost the local economy.


The Vermilion County Basketball Tournament 2023 promises to be a thrilling event filled with intense competition and standout performances. From the round-robin pool stage to the championship game, every moment is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Whether you're a basketball enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting event to attend, the Vermilion County Basketball Tournament is not to be missed.