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Welcome to our blog, where we will be discussing the fascinating world of girl pinewood derby cars. The pinewood derby is a beloved tradition in which participants create small cars out of wood and race them down a track. While traditionally a male-dominated activity, more and more girls are getting involved and showcasing their creativity and engineering skills. In this article, we will explore the reasons why girls are embracing the pinewood derby, provide tips for building a winning car, and highlight some of the incredible designs created by young girls.

1. The Rise of Girls in the Pinewood Derby

1.1 Breaking Stereotypes

Girls have long been underrepresented in STEM-related activities, but the pinewood derby is breaking those stereotypes. With its emphasis on engineering, design, and problem-solving, the derby provides an opportunity for girls to showcase their skills and passion for science.

1.2 Inclusive Organizations

Many pinewood derby organizations have made a conscious effort to be more inclusive and encourage girls to participate. By creating separate categories or events specifically for girls, these organizations are fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported.

1.3 Role Models

As more girls participate in the pinewood derby, they become role models for younger girls who may be hesitant to get involved. Seeing other girls succeed and have fun in the derby can inspire a new generation of female participants.

2. Tips for Building a Winning Car

2.1 Weight Distribution

One important aspect of building a winning pinewood derby car is achieving optimal weight distribution. Placing the weight towards the rear of the car can help increase speed and stability, giving your car an edge over the competition.

2.2 Aerodynamics

While the shape of the car may seem like a purely aesthetic choice, it actually plays a significant role in the car's performance. Streamlined designs with minimal drag can help maximize speed and minimize air resistance.

2.3 Wheel Alignment

Ensuring that the wheels are properly aligned is crucial for a fast and smooth ride. Misaligned wheels can cause unnecessary friction and slow down the car. Take the time to carefully align the wheels to improve your chances of winning.

2.4 Lubrication

Using the right lubricant can make a noticeable difference in the performance of your pinewood derby car. Apply a small amount of graphite or another approved lubricant to the wheel axles to reduce friction and increase speed.

2.5 Testing and Fine-Tuning

Don't wait until race day to test your car. Set up a practice track and make adjustments as needed. Fine-tuning the weight distribution, wheel alignment, and other factors can greatly improve your car's performance.

3. Inspiring Designs by Girls

3.1 Creative Themes

Girls often bring a unique perspective to their pinewood derby car designs, incorporating creative themes that reflect their interests and personalities. From princess carriages to rocket ships, the possibilities are endless.

3.2 Attention to Detail

Girls are known for their attention to detail, and this is evident in their pinewood derby cars. Intricate paint jobs, carefully placed decals, and other small touches can take a car from ordinary to extraordinary.

3.3 Empowering Messages

Some girls use their pinewood derby cars to send empowering messages. Whether it's showcasing their favorite female role model or promoting a cause they care about, these cars serve as a powerful statement on and off the track.

4. The Impact of the Pinewood Derby on Girls

4.1 Building Confidence

Participating in the pinewood derby can have a profound impact on a girl's confidence. Successfully building and racing a car can boost self-esteem and empower girls to tackle new challenges in other areas of their lives.

4.2 Fostering Creativity

The pinewood derby provides a platform for girls to unleash their creativity and express themselves through their car designs. This creative outlet can inspire a lifelong passion for art and design.

4.3 Sparking Interest in STEM

The pinewood derby's emphasis on engineering and problem-solving can spark an interest in STEM fields for many girls. By engaging in hands-on building and experimenting, girls may discover a newfound love for science and technology.

4.4 Building Camaraderie

Participating in the pinewood derby allows girls to connect with others who share their interests. Working together on car designs, cheering each other on during races, and celebrating victories can create lifelong friendships.


The rise of girls in the pinewood derby is an exciting development that highlights the importance of inclusivity and empowerment. As more girls participate in this beloved tradition, they are breaking stereotypes, showcasing their creativity, and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. Whether it's building a winning car, creating unique designs, or experiencing personal growth, the pinewood derby has a lasting impact on the lives of girls.