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Ohio Speech and Debate State Tournament 2023


Welcome to the Ohio Speech and Debate State Tournament 2023! This prestigious event brings together talented high school students from across the state to showcase their skills in various competitive speaking and debating events. In this article, we will delve into the details of this year's tournament, including the schedule, event categories, and tips for success. Whether you are a participant, coach, or simply a curious observer, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of speech and debate!

Tournament Overview

The Ohio Speech and Debate State Tournament is an annual event that serves as a culmination of the competitive speech and debate season in the state. This year, the tournament will be held at the Ohio State University, providing participants with a prestigious setting to showcase their talents. Students who have excelled in regional tournaments will have the opportunity to compete against their peers at the state level, vying for top honors and recognition.

Event Categories

The Ohio Speech and Debate State Tournament features a wide range of event categories, ensuring that there is something for every participant. Here are some of the main categories you can expect to see at this year's tournament:

1. Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate is a traditional one-on-one format that focuses on ethical, philosophical, and value-based arguments. Participants engage in a thought-provoking debate on topics such as social justice, morality, and political philosophy.

2. Public Forum Debate (PF)

Public Forum Debate involves teams of two who engage in a structured debate on current events and policy issues. This format aims to foster critical thinking and public speaking skills while promoting an understanding of complex topics.

3. Congressional Debate (CD)

Congressional Debate simulates the legislative process, with participants assuming the role of members of Congress. They present and debate bills and resolutions on a wide range of topics, showcasing their knowledge of parliamentary procedure and persuasive speaking.

4. Original Oratory (OO)

Original Oratory allows participants to deliver a persuasive speech on a topic of their choice. This category emphasizes effective communication, organization, and delivery skills, as participants aim to engage and inspire their audience.

5. Extemporaneous Speaking (EX)

Extemporaneous Speaking challenges participants to deliver a coherent and well-reasoned speech on a given topic within a limited preparation time. This category tests their ability to think on their feet, conduct research quickly, and present compelling arguments.

6. Dramatic Interpretation (DI)

Dramatic Interpretation involves participants performing a cutting from a published work, demonstrating their acting skills and ability to convey emotion. This category combines elements of theater and public speaking, captivating the audience with powerful storytelling.

7. Humorous Interpretation (HI)

Humorous Interpretation allows participants to showcase their comedic timing and delivery skills through a performance of a humorous cutting from a published work. This category highlights the importance of effective comedic storytelling and engaging the audience.

8. Duo Interpretation (DUO)

Duo Interpretation features two participants performing a cutting from a published work, demonstrating their ability to work together to create a cohesive and engaging performance. This category challenges participants to showcase their chemistry and coordination.

9. Impromptu Speaking (IS)

Impromptu Speaking tests participants' ability to think on their feet and deliver a coherent speech on a given topic with limited preparation time. This category hones their critical thinking skills and ability to communicate effectively under pressure.

Tournament Schedule

The Ohio Speech and Debate State Tournament follows a rigorous schedule to ensure that all events run smoothly and efficiently. Here is a general breakdown of the tournament schedule:

Day 1: Preliminary Rounds

On the first day, participants will compete in preliminary rounds for their respective events. These rounds serve as qualifiers for the elimination rounds and determine the top performers in each category.

Day 2: Elimination Rounds

The second day of the tournament features elimination rounds, where the top performers from the preliminary rounds compete head-to-head. The winners of these rounds advance to the final rounds, while others have the opportunity to participate in consolation events.

Day 3: Final Rounds and Awards

The final day of the tournament showcases the best of the best, with the finalists competing for top honors in their respective categories. After the final rounds, an awards ceremony will take place to recognize the outstanding performances and achievements of the participants.

Tips for Success

Participating in the Ohio Speech and Debate State Tournament can be both exhilarating and challenging. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience:

1. Preparation is Key

Ensure that you are well-prepared for your event by practicing your speeches or debates thoroughly. Research your topics extensively and anticipate potential arguments or questions that may arise.

2. Seek Feedback

Don't be afraid to seek feedback from your coaches, peers, or judges. Constructive criticism can help you refine your arguments, delivery, and overall performance. Take their suggestions into account and make necessary adjustments.

3. Stay Calm and Confident

Nerves are natural, but try to stay calm and composed during your event. Project confidence through your body language and tone of voice. Remember, you have prepared diligently, and you are capable of delivering a compelling performance.

4. Engage with the Audience

Connect with your audience by maintaining eye contact, speaking clearly, and using appropriate gestures. Engage them emotionally and intellectually by delivering your arguments with conviction and passion.

5. Adapt to the Setting

Each venue may have unique acoustics and stage setups. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the environment and make any necessary adjustments to your delivery or performance to ensure optimal impact.

6. Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated on current events and policy issues, especially if you are participating in debate categories. Stay informed about the latest news and developments to enhance your arguments and make them more relevant.

7. Support Your Peers

The Ohio Speech and Debate State Tournament is an opportunity to meet and connect with other talented individuals. Support your fellow participants by attending their events and providing constructive feedback. Celebrate their successes and learn from their performances.


The Ohio Speech and Debate State Tournament 2023 promises to be an exciting and intellectually stimulating event. Participants will have the chance to showcase their skills, engage in thought-provoking debates, and inspire others with their speeches. Whether you are a participant or an observer, this tournament offers a unique opportunity to witness the power of effective communication and persuasive speaking. So mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable experience!