55 Northern Aroostook Registry Of Deeds

Registry of Deeds Dublin abstracts of wills vol. ii 17461785, (3 vols 195484) Irish Manuscripts
Registry of Deeds Dublin abstracts of wills vol. ii 17461785, (3 vols 195484) Irish Manuscripts from www.irishmanuscripts.ie

The Northern Aroostook Registry of Deeds


The Northern Aroostook Registry of Deeds is a vital resource for property owners, prospective homebuyers, and legal professionals in Aroostook County, Maine. As the official record-keeper of all land transactions within the county, the registry plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy, transparency, and security of property ownership.

History and Purpose

The establishment of the Northern Aroostook Registry of Deeds dates back to the early settlement of Aroostook County in the 19th century. Its primary purpose is to maintain a comprehensive and accessible archive of land records, including deeds, mortgages, liens, and other related documents. The registry's historical records also provide valuable insights into the county's development and land ownership patterns over time.

Online Access

In recent years, the Northern Aroostook Registry of Deeds has embraced digital technology to enhance accessibility and convenience for users. The registry's website now offers online access to its extensive collection of records, allowing individuals to search, view, and print documents from the comfort of their homes or offices. This has significantly expedited the research process for individuals seeking property information or conducting title searches.

Services Offered

The Northern Aroostook Registry of Deeds provides a range of services to meet the needs of its diverse user base. These services include:

Filing and Recording

One of the primary functions of the registry is to accept and process documents for filing and recording. This includes deeds, mortgages, releases, and other legal instruments related to property transactions. By recording these documents, the registry establishes an official record of ownership and ensures their validity and enforceability.

Research and Title Searches

The registry's extensive collection of records is a valuable resource for individuals conducting research or performing title searches. Whether you are a homeowner looking to verify your property's ownership history or a prospective buyer seeking information on a specific parcel, the registry's knowledgeable staff can assist you in navigating the records and retrieving the necessary documents.

Document Copies and Certifications

The registry offers services for obtaining certified copies of recorded documents, such as deeds or mortgages. These certified copies can be essential for legal proceedings or when applying for loans or other financial transactions. Additionally, the registry can provide certifications of documents, attesting to their authenticity and accuracy.

Customer Support and Education

To ensure effective utilization of its services, the Northern Aroostook Registry of Deeds offers customer support and educational resources. The registry's staff is available to answer questions, provide guidance on navigating the records, and assist with any technical issues related to online access. The registry also conducts workshops and training sessions to help individuals understand the intricacies of property transactions and the importance of proper documentation.

Collaboration with Other Agencies

The Northern Aroostook Registry of Deeds collaborates with various government agencies and organizations to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Through partnerships with local municipalities, real estate professionals, and title companies, the registry works to ensure seamless coordination and exchange of information, benefiting both the public and professionals involved in property transactions.

Protecting Property Rights

One of the core objectives of the Northern Aroostook Registry of Deeds is to protect property rights. By maintaining accurate and up-to-date records, the registry helps prevent fraudulent transactions and disputes over ownership. The registry's commitment to data integrity and security ensures that property owners can rely on the information contained within its records with confidence.

Preserving County History

The Northern Aroostook Registry of Deeds is not only a repository of property records but also a treasure trove of historical information. The documents housed within the registry offer a glimpse into the county's past, showcasing the evolution of land ownership, economic development, and community growth. Preserving and sharing this history is an essential aspect of the registry's mission.


The Northern Aroostook Registry of Deeds serves as an invaluable resource for property owners and legal professionals in Aroostook County. Through its comprehensive collection of records, online accessibility, and commitment to customer service, the registry plays a vital role in facilitating property transactions, protecting property rights, and preserving the county's rich history for future generations.