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Anticipation Guide for Of Mice and Men


Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, is a classic American novella that explores themes of friendship, dreams, and the harsh realities of life during the Great Depression. As you prepare to read this timeless piece of literature, it can be helpful to engage in an anticipation guide. This guide will help you activate your prior knowledge, make predictions, and create a framework for understanding the themes and characters within the story.

Section 1: Activating Prior Knowledge

1.1 Understanding the Setting

Before delving into the story, it is important to familiarize yourself with the historical context and setting of Of Mice and Men. Research and discuss the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and the migrant worker experience in 1930s America. This will give you a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the characters in the novella.

1.2 Exploring Steinbeck's Style

Take some time to research John Steinbeck as an author. Look into his other works, such as The Grapes of Wrath, and examine his writing style. Understanding Steinbeck's approach to storytelling and his themes will help you appreciate Of Mice and Men on a deeper level.

1.3 Identifying Key Themes

Brainstorm and discuss potential themes that may be present in Of Mice and Men. Consider themes such as the American Dream, loneliness, power dynamics, and the nature of friendship. This will allow you to actively look for evidence of these themes as you read the novella.

Section 2: Making Predictions

2.1 Predicting Character Relationships

Based on the title and any prior knowledge, make predictions about the relationships between characters in Of Mice and Men. Consider how characters like George and Lennie, Curley and his wife, and Crooks may interact with each other.

2.2 Guessing the Outcome

Engage in a discussion or personal reflection to make predictions about the overall outcome of the story. Will the characters achieve their dreams? What obstacles might they face along the way? Use your imagination and critical thinking skills to make educated guesses.

2.3 Forming Expectations

Based on the themes and potential character relationships you have identified, form expectations about the emotional impact Of Mice and Men may have on you as a reader. Consider the potential for sadness, empathy, and thought-provoking moments within the novella.

Section 3: Creating a Framework

3.1 Identifying Symbols

As you read, pay close attention to any symbols or recurring motifs in Of Mice and Men. Look for objects or ideas that carry deeper meaning, such as the dream of owning a piece of land or the presence of animals throughout the story. Analyze how these symbols contribute to the overall themes of the novella.

3.2 Analyzing Character Development

Track the development of key characters throughout the story. Take note of any changes or growth they undergo, as well as their motivations, flaws, and relationships with other characters. Analyzing character development will deepen your understanding of the story and its themes.

3.3 Noting Key Events

Keep a record of significant events in Of Mice and Men as you read. Take note of any turning points, conflicts, or moments of foreshadowing. This will help you analyze the structure of the novella and its impact on the overall narrative.

3.4 Reflecting on Ethical Dilemmas

Consider the ethical dilemmas presented in Of Mice and Men, such as the treatment of marginalized characters or the choices made by the protagonists. Reflect on these dilemmas and discuss their implications in terms of morality and societal norms.

3.5 Examining the Ending

As you approach the conclusion of the novella, pay close attention to the resolution and how it aligns with your earlier predictions. Reflect on the impact of the ending and its implications for the themes and messages conveyed throughout Of Mice and Men.


Engaging in an anticipation guide for Of Mice and Men can enhance your reading experience and deepen your understanding of the themes and characters within the novella. By activating prior knowledge, making predictions, and creating a framework for analysis, you will be better equipped to appreciate John Steinbeck's masterful storytelling and the timeless messages contained within his work.