50 Bentonville School Supply List

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In the fast-paced world of education, staying organized and prepared is key to success. As the new school year approaches, it's important for parents and students to have a comprehensive school supply list to ensure they have everything they need for a successful academic year. Bentonville, a city known for its excellent schools, has its own unique set of school supply requirements. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed Bentonville school supply list, covering everything from basic essentials to specialized items.

Basic Essentials


One of the most fundamental items on any school supply list is pencils. Make sure your child has a good supply of sharpened pencils to write, draw, and take notes with. It's also a good idea to include a pencil sharpener in their pencil case.


In addition to pencils, students will also need pens. It's important to have both blue and black pens as they are often required for different assignments. Encourage your child to have a few extra pens in case one runs out of ink or gets lost.


Highlighters are essential for marking important information in textbooks, notes, and study guides. Include a variety of colors to help your child differentiate between different types of information and make studying more efficient.


A well-organized set of notebooks is crucial for keeping track of class notes and assignments. Depending on your child's grade level, they may need different types of notebooks such as spiral-bound, composition, or three-ring binders. Make sure you have the appropriate number and size of notebooks on the list.

Binders or Folders

For keeping loose papers organized, binders or folders are essential. They provide a designated space for handouts, homework assignments, and other important documents. Consider getting different colors to help your child easily identify different subjects or classes.

Loose-leaf Paper

Loose-leaf paper is necessary for assignments that need to be turned in or for taking additional notes. Ensure you have an adequate supply of lined paper in the correct size (college-ruled or wide-ruled) for your child's needs.


Mistakes happen. That's why erasers are a must-have item on the school supply list. Include both pencil-top erasers and larger erasers for your child's convenience.


A ruler is not only useful for drawing straight lines but also for measuring various objects. Opt for a durable plastic or metal ruler with both metric and standard measurements for versatility.


Scissors are essential for various classroom activities, such as cutting out paper shapes, creating art projects, or even for practical purposes like opening packages. Choose scissors with blunt tips for younger children and sharp tips for older ones.

Glue or Glue Sticks

Whether it's for art projects or assembling assignments, glue or glue sticks are important items on the Bentonville school supply list. Make sure you have an adequate supply to last the entire school year.

Specialized Items


For math and science classes, a calculator is an essential tool. Check with your child's school or teacher to see if there are any specific calculator models required.

Protractor and Compass

For geometry or other math-related subjects, a protractor and compass are necessary tools. Make sure your child has these items on their school supply list if they will be taking such classes.

Art Supplies

If your child is enrolled in art classes, they may need specific art supplies such as colored pencils, markers, paints, brushes, and sketchbooks. Check with their art teacher for any specific requirements.

Scientific Calculator

For advanced math or science classes, a scientific calculator may be required. These calculators have additional functions and capabilities beyond a basic calculator, allowing students to solve complex equations and perform statistical calculations.

Graphing Calculator

For high school students taking advanced math courses, a graphing calculator is often necessary. These calculators can plot graphs, solve equations, and perform advanced mathematical functions.

USB Flash Drive

In today's digital world, having a USB flash drive is crucial for storing and transferring digital files. Encourage your child to have a backup of their important schoolwork, presentations, and projects on a flash drive.

Headphones or Earbuds

Headphones or earbuds are essential for students who will be using computers or other electronic devices in the classroom. They allow students to listen to audio files, watch educational videos, or participate in online learning activities without disturbing others.

Scientific Tools

Depending on your child's grade level and the science courses they take, they may need specialized scientific tools such as microscopes, magnifying glasses, or lab coats. Check with their science teacher for any specific requirements.

Additional Items


It's always a good idea to include a box of tissues on the school supply list. They come in handy when allergies strike or for general hygiene purposes.

Hand Sanitizer

Especially in today's circumstances, hand sanitizer is an essential item to keep your child's hands clean and germ-free. Include a small bottle in their backpack for convenient use throughout the day.


A durable and comfortable backpack is necessary to carry all the school supplies. Look for one with enough compartments and padding to support your child's needs.

Lunch Box or Bag

If your child brings lunch from home, a lunch box or bag is a practical addition to the school supply list. Opt for an insulated one to keep food fresh and at the right temperature.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial for students' overall well-being and concentration. Include a reusable water bottle on the school supply list to encourage healthy hydration habits.

Planner or Agenda

Organization is key for academic success. Consider including a planner or agenda on the school supply list to help your child keep track of assignments, due dates, and other important events.

Locker Accessories

If your child has a locker at school, they may want to personalize it with locker accessories such as mirrors, magnets, or shelves. Check with the school's guidelines before purchasing any items.

PE Uniform

For physical education classes, students may need a specific PE uniform. Check with the school's dress code policy to ensure you include the appropriate clothing on the school supply list.

Appropriate Attire

Consider the weather conditions throughout the school year and include appropriate attire on the school supply list. This may include jackets, hats, gloves, or raincoats.

Book Covers

To protect textbooks from wear and tear, book covers are a practical addition to the school supply list. You can purchase pre-made book covers or use paper bags to create your own.


Having a well-prepared school supply list is the first step towards a successful academic year. By ensuring your child has all the necessary items, you are setting them up for success and minimizing any potential disruptions. The Bentonville school supply list provided in this article covers both basic essentials and specialized items, helping you create a comprehensive list tailored to your child's needs. Remember to check with your child's school or teachers for any specific requirements and enjoy a productive and organized school year!