45 Prince George'S County Senior Resource Guide 2022

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Prince George's County Senior Resource Guide 2022


As we age, it's important to have access to resources and support systems that can help us navigate the challenges that come with getting older. In Prince George's County, Maryland, there are numerous resources available specifically tailored to meet the needs of seniors. Whether you're looking for healthcare services, housing options, or recreational activities, this comprehensive resource guide will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions and live a fulfilling life as a senior in Prince George's County.

Healthcare Services

1. Hospitals and Medical Centers

2. Primary Care Physicians and Specialists

3. Home Healthcare Agencies

4. Rehabilitation Centers

5. Mental Health Services

Housing Options

1. Independent Living Communities

2. Assisted Living Facilities

3. Nursing Homes

4. Memory Care Facilities

5. Affordable Housing Programs

Transportation Services

1. Public Transportation

2. Senior Transportation Programs

3. Ride-Sharing Services

4. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

5. Volunteer Driver Programs

Financial Assistance

1. Social Security Benefits

2. Medicare and Medicaid

3. Veterans Benefits

4. Property Tax Relief Programs

5. Utility Bill Assistance

Legal Services

1. Estate Planning

2. Power of Attorney

3. Guardianship and Conservatorship

4. Elder Abuse and Neglect

5. Legal Aid Organizations

Recreational Activities

1. Senior Centers

2. Exercise and Fitness Programs

3. Arts and Crafts Classes

4. Volunteer Opportunities

5. Social Clubs and Groups

Support Services

1. Caregiver Support Groups

2. Respite Care Services

3. In-Home Support Services

4. Hospice Care

5. Counseling Services

Senior Advocacy Organizations

1. AARP Prince George's County

2. Prince George's County Department of Family Services

3. Senior Connection Services

4. Maryland Department of Aging

5. Prince George's County Commission for Seniors

Technology and Communication

1. Internet and Phone Service Providers

2. Senior-Friendly Technology Devices

3. Computer and Smartphone Classes

4. Telehealth Services

5. Social Media and Online Communities

Community Resources

1. Food Pantries and Meal Delivery Programs

2. Senior Legal Services

3. Emergency Preparedness

4. Senior Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

5. Senior-friendly Businesses and Services


Prince George's County is committed to supporting its aging population by providing a wide range of resources and services. Whether you're looking for healthcare options, housing assistance, transportation services, or recreational activities, this senior resource guide will help you find what you need. By taking advantage of these resources, seniors can live vibrant, fulfilling lives in Prince George's County.