40 St Louis River Fishing Reports

St. Louis River (MN) Fishing Report Charlie Nelson
St. Louis River (MN) Fishing Report Charlie Nelson from anglingbuzz.com


In this article, we will provide you with the latest St. Louis River fishing reports. Whether you are a seasoned angler or just starting out, these reports will give you valuable information on where to find the best fishing spots, what baits to use, and what species are biting. So grab your fishing gear and get ready for an exciting day on the water!

Water Conditions

Water Temperature

The water temperature plays a crucial role in the behavior and feeding patterns of fish. Currently, the St. Louis River has a water temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for many species.

Water Clarity

The water clarity in the St. Louis River can vary depending on recent weather conditions. Currently, the river has good clarity, allowing for better visibility of the fish and their habitat.

Water Flow

The water flow in the St. Louis River is moderate, providing a steady current that attracts fish and helps distribute nutrients throughout the river. This consistent flow makes it easier for anglers to locate fish and present their baits effectively.

Species Activity


The walleye bite has been excellent on the St. Louis River recently. Anglers are reporting good numbers of walleye being caught in the early morning and evening hours. The fish are primarily holding near rocky structures and drop-offs, so target these areas with jigs or live bait rigs.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass fishing has also been productive on the St. Louis River. Anglers are finding success using topwater lures and soft plastics near rocky shorelines and submerged structure. The smallmouth bass are aggressive and will readily take a well-presented bait.

Northern Pike

If you're looking for some exciting action, target northern pike on the St. Louis River. These predatory fish are actively feeding and can be found near weed beds and areas with good cover. Use large spoons or spinnerbaits to entice a strike from these toothy creatures.


The St. Louis River is known for its trophy musky fishing, and anglers have been having success targeting these elusive beasts. Large bucktail spinners and jerkbaits are effective lures for enticing a strike from a musky. Focus your efforts near weed beds and other areas with abundant cover.

Best Fishing Spots

Oliver Bridge

The area around the Oliver Bridge has been a hotspot for walleye fishing lately. Anglers have reported good numbers of walleye being caught near the bridge piers and along the rocky shorelines. Cast jigs or live bait rigs and work them slowly along the bottom to entice a bite.

Thomson Reservoir

The Thomson Reservoir is another great spot to target a variety of fish species. This large body of water offers plenty of room to explore and find productive fishing areas. Look for drop-offs and submerged structure, as these are likely holding areas for fish.

Grassy Point

Grassy Point is a well-known smallmouth bass hotspot on the St. Louis River. The shallow, weedy areas provide excellent habitat for these feisty fish. Cast topwater lures or soft plastics near the vegetation and be prepared for some explosive strikes.

Knife Island

Knife Island is a popular destination for anglers targeting northern pike. The rocky shorelines and weed beds surrounding the island attract these aggressive predators. Troll large spoons or spinnerbaits along the drop-offs and edges of the weed beds to entice a strike.

Wiscasset Bridge

The Wiscasset Bridge area is known for its musky fishing opportunities. This stretch of the St. Louis River offers plenty of structure and cover for musky to hide and ambush their prey. Cast large bucktail spinners or jerkbaits and work them near submerged logs and weed beds.

Tips and Techniques

Use Live Bait

Live bait, such as minnows or worms, can be highly effective when targeting walleye and other species on the St. Louis River. Present the bait naturally by using a slip bobber or a Lindy rig, and let the current do the work for you.

Experiment with Different Lures

Don't be afraid to try different lures and techniques when fishing the St. Louis River. Fish can be finicky, so it's essential to have a variety of options in your tackle box. Switching up your presentation can often trigger a bite when nothing else seems to be working.

Pay Attention to Structure

Structure, such as rocks, drop-offs, and submerged logs, can hold a significant number of fish on the St. Louis River. Use your fishfinder or a depth map to locate these areas and concentrate your efforts there. Fish will often relate to structure for both cover and as an ambush point.

Practice Catch-and-Release

To ensure the sustainability of the fishery, it's crucial to practice catch-and-release whenever possible. If you do decide to keep fish for consumption, be sure to follow the local regulations and only keep what you need.


The St. Louis River offers fantastic fishing opportunities for a variety of species. With the latest fishing reports, you can stay informed about the water conditions, species activity, and the best fishing spots. Remember to use the tips and techniques provided to increase your chances of success and enjoy a memorable day on the water. Happy fishing!