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When it comes to Korean dramas, there is one character archetype that is both endearing and frustrating at the same time - the "gã khờ", which translates to "foolish guy" in English. This character is often portrayed as naive, innocent, and lacking common sense, leading to comical situations and misunderstandings. In this article, we will explore the appeal of the "gã khờ" character in Korean dramas and discuss some popular examples.

The Charm of the "Gã Khờ" Character

1. Innocence in a Complex World

One of the reasons why the "gã khờ" character is so appealing is because they bring a sense of innocence and purity to the often complex and cynical world of Korean dramas. Their naivety can be refreshing and heartwarming, reminding viewers of the importance of kindness and simplicity.

2. Relatable Moments of Clumsiness

Another aspect of the "gã khờ" character that makes them endearing is their relatable moments of clumsiness. Whether it's tripping over their own feet or accidentally causing a mess, these moments remind us of our own human fallibility and make us laugh along with the character.

3. Unexpected Wisdom

Despite their lack of common sense, the "gã khờ" character often surprises us with unexpected moments of wisdom. They may not be book smart, but they possess a unique perspective on life and relationships that can be insightful and thought-provoking.

Popular Examples of the "Gã Khờ" Character

1. Kim Joo-won from "Secret Garden"

Kim Joo-won, played by Hyun Bin, is a wealthy and arrogant department store CEO who falls in love with a stuntwoman. Despite his intelligence and success, he often finds himself in comical situations due to his lack of common sense. His journey of personal growth and his unexpected kindness make him a beloved "gã khờ" character.

2. Do Min-joon from "My Love from the Star"

Do Min-joon, portrayed by Kim Soo-hyun, is an alien who has been living on Earth for centuries. He possesses supernatural powers but lacks social skills and understanding of human emotions. His interactions with the female lead, played by Jun Ji-hyun, create both humorous and heartwarming moments that make him a classic "gã khờ" character.

3. Kang Ma-ru from "Nice Guy"

Kang Ma-ru, played by Song Joong-ki, is a medical student who becomes entangled in a web of revenge and deceit. Despite his intelligence, he often makes impulsive decisions and finds himself in difficult situations. His journey of redemption and self-discovery showcases the growth of a "gã khờ" character.

Tips for Writing a "Gã Khờ" Character

1. Embrace the Innocence

To create a compelling "gã khờ" character, it is important to fully embrace their innocence and lack of common sense. Allow them to navigate the world with wide-eyed wonder and approach situations with a childlike curiosity.

2. Balance Comedy and Heart

While the "gã khờ" character is often associated with comedy, it is important to balance the humor with moments of heart and vulnerability. This will make the character more relatable and allow the audience to emotionally connect with them.

3. Explore Unexpected Depth

Don't be afraid to explore unexpected depths within the "gã khờ" character. While they may appear foolish on the surface, there can be hidden layers of wisdom, resilience, and strength that add complexity to their personality.


The "gã khờ" character in Korean dramas has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with their innocence, relatable clumsiness, and unexpected wisdom. Whether they are a wealthy CEO or an alien from another planet, these characters remind us of the importance of kindness, simplicity, and personal growth. So the next time you watch a Korean drama, keep an eye out for the lovable "gã khờ" character and enjoy their journey of self-discovery and love.