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Ohio State Square Dance Convention


Every year, square dance enthusiasts from across Ohio come together to participate in the Ohio State Square Dance Convention. This highly anticipated event is a celebration of the rich heritage and vibrant community of square dancing in the state. From lively music to intricate footwork, the convention offers a variety of activities and opportunities for both seasoned dancers and beginners to come together and enjoy this beloved American tradition.

A Brief History of Square Dancing

Square dancing has a long and storied history in the United States. Its roots can be traced back to European folk dances brought over by early settlers. Over time, these dances evolved and merged with African rhythms, creating a unique style that became popular in rural communities.

The Ohio State Square Dance Convention pays homage to this history by showcasing a wide range of traditional square dance styles, including Appalachian, Western, and Modern. Dancers of all ages and backgrounds gather to celebrate this cherished art form and ensure its preservation for future generations.

The Venue

The convention takes place in a spacious and well-equipped venue, carefully chosen to accommodate the large number of participants. With multiple dance halls, each featuring a different style of square dance, attendees have the opportunity to explore various traditions and learn new dances.

The venue also provides ample seating for spectators, allowing friends and family members to cheer on their loved ones as they perform intricate dance moves with precision and grace. Additionally, there are designated areas for workshops and instructional sessions, providing a valuable learning experience for those interested in improving their skills.

Workshops and Instructional Sessions

One of the highlights of the Ohio State Square Dance Convention is the wide range of workshops and instructional sessions available to attendees. Seasoned dancers and renowned instructors lead these sessions, offering valuable insights and tips to improve technique and form.

Workshops cover a variety of topics, including advanced footwork, styling and expression, and choreography. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, there's always something new to learn at the convention.

Live Music and Caller Showcase

No square dance convention is complete without live music and talented callers. The Ohio State Square Dance Convention boasts a lineup of exceptional musicians and callers who provide the perfect soundtrack for dancers to showcase their skills.

Live bands perform a diverse range of music genres, from traditional fiddle tunes to contemporary country hits. This variety ensures that there's always something for everyone, regardless of their musical preferences.

The caller showcase is another highlight of the convention, allowing callers to demonstrate their unique styles and creativity. Dancers follow the caller's instructions, moving in sync with the music and creating intricate patterns on the dance floor.

Competitions and Exhibitions

The Ohio State Square Dance Convention offers participants the opportunity to showcase their talent and compete against dancers from across the state. Competitions are held in various categories, including traditional square dance, line dance, and choreography.

Exhibitions are also a popular feature of the convention, where dance groups or individuals perform choreographed routines that highlight the beauty and complexity of square dancing. These exhibitions often incorporate elements from different square dance styles, showcasing the versatility of the dancers and the art form itself.

Socializing and Making Connections

Beyond the dancing and competitions, the Ohio State Square Dance Convention is a wonderful opportunity for square dance enthusiasts to connect and socialize with fellow dancers. The convention fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, allowing participants to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships.

Between dance sessions, attendees can relax in designated social areas, where they can share stories, exchange tips, and simply enjoy each other's company. This aspect of the convention is particularly cherished by many dancers, as it allows them to forge lasting connections and create memories that extend beyond the dance floor.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The Ohio State Square Dance Convention is known for its family-friendly atmosphere. Children and teenagers are encouraged to participate and can take part in specialized workshops and activities tailored to their age group.

The convention also offers a variety of non-dance related entertainment options for families, including games, crafts, and live performances. This ensures that everyone, regardless of their dancing ability, can find something enjoyable to do and be part of the vibrant convention experience.

The Future of Square Dancing

As the Ohio State Square Dance Convention continues to bring together dancers and enthusiasts, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the future of square dancing in the state. By providing a platform for learning, collaboration, and celebration, the convention inspires the next generation of dancers to carry on this cherished tradition.

Through workshops, exhibitions, and competitions, young dancers have the opportunity to showcase their skills and ignite a passion for square dancing. By nurturing and supporting these emerging talents, the convention helps to ensure that square dancing remains a vibrant and beloved art form for years to come.


The Ohio State Square Dance Convention is an annual gathering that celebrates the rich heritage and vibrant community of square dancing in the state. With its diverse range of workshops, live music, competitions, and exhibitions, the convention provides a unique and enriching experience for dancers of all ages and skill levels. Beyond the dance floor, the convention fosters a sense of community and connection, allowing participants to make lasting friendships and create memories. As the convention continues to inspire and nurture the next generation of square dancers, it ensures that this cherished tradition will thrive for years to come.