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Walla Walla is moving the homeless camp, and looking ahead to longterm solutions KEPR
Walla Walla is moving the homeless camp, and looking ahead to longterm solutions KEPR from keprtv.com

About Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter

The Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter is a remarkable community initiative that aims to provide temporary shelter and support services for individuals experiencing homelessness in the city of Walla Walla, Washington. This innovative project, spearheaded by the local Rotary Club, has been instrumental in addressing the pressing issue of homelessness in the area and offering a safe haven for those in need.

The History of Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter

The Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter was established in 2018 as a collaborative effort between the Walla Walla Rotary Club, local government agencies, and community organizations. The project was born out of a deep concern for the growing number of individuals experiencing homelessness and the lack of adequate resources to support them.

The Purpose of the Shelter

The primary purpose of the Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter is to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals experiencing homelessness. The shelter aims to offer temporary respite from the challenges of living on the streets and connect individuals with essential services and resources to help them transition out of homelessness.

Services Offered at Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter

Emergency Shelter

The shelter provides emergency housing for individuals in immediate need. It offers a warm and secure place to sleep, ensuring that no one in the community has to endure the harsh elements of the winter without a roof over their head.

Basic Needs Assistance

In addition to providing shelter, the Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter also offers assistance with basic needs such as food, clothing, and personal hygiene items. These essential resources are crucial for individuals who may have limited access to such necessities.

Case Management

Case management services are a vital component of the shelter's support system. Dedicated staff members work closely with individuals to assess their needs, develop personalized goals, and connect them with relevant resources and services in the community. This holistic approach helps individuals address the underlying causes of their homelessness and develop a pathway to stability.

Employment and Housing Assistance

The Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter recognizes that stable employment and housing are key factors in breaking the cycle of homelessness. As such, the shelter provides assistance with job searching, resume building, and connecting individuals with local employment opportunities. Additionally, staff members work collaboratively with housing agencies to help individuals secure affordable and sustainable housing options.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Support

Many individuals experiencing homelessness also face mental health and substance abuse challenges. To address these complex issues, the Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter offers access to mental health services, counseling, and support groups. This comprehensive approach aims to provide individuals with the tools and resources needed to overcome these barriers and achieve long-term stability.

Volunteer Opportunities at Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter

Meal Preparation and Service

Volunteers can contribute by preparing and serving meals for shelter residents. This opportunity allows individuals and community groups to directly impact the lives of those in need by providing nourishment and a sense of care and compassion.

Mentoring and Tutoring

Volunteers with specialized skills or knowledge can offer their expertise by mentoring shelter residents or providing tutoring services. This form of support can be instrumental in helping individuals gain new skills, boost their confidence, and increase their chances of finding stable employment.

Donation Drives

Community members can organize donation drives to collect essential items such as clothing, blankets, personal hygiene products, and non-perishable food items. These donations help ensure that the shelter remains well-stocked and able to meet the needs of its residents.

Administrative Support

Volunteers with administrative skills can assist with various tasks such as data entry, answering phone calls, and organizing paperwork. By offering their time and expertise in this capacity, volunteers play a crucial role in supporting the efficient operation of the shelter.

Impact and Success Stories

Reduction in Homelessness Rates

Since its establishment, the Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter has made a significant impact in reducing homelessness rates in the community. Through its comprehensive approach and dedication to providing holistic support, the shelter has helped numerous individuals find stable housing and regain control of their lives.

Success Stories of Shelter Residents

There are countless success stories of individuals who have benefited from the services and support offered at the Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter. From securing stable employment to overcoming substance abuse issues, these stories serve as a testament to the transformative power of community support and the shelter's commitment to empowering individuals to create positive change in their lives.

How to Get Involved

Contact the Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter

If you are interested in getting involved with the Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter, the first step is to reach out to the shelter directly. They can provide information on volunteer opportunities, donation needs, and other ways to support their mission.

Attend Community Events and Fundraisers

The shelter regularly hosts community events and fundraisers to raise awareness and funds for their programs. By attending these events, you not only contribute to the shelter's financial sustainability but also help spread the word about their important work.

Spread the Word

One of the simplest yet most impactful ways to support the Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter is by spreading the word about their mission and the services they offer. Share their website and social media pages with your network, and encourage others to get involved in any way they can.

Donate Financially

Financial contributions are crucial to the ongoing operation and success of the Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter. Consider making a donation to support their programs and ensure that individuals experiencing homelessness in Walla Walla have access to the resources and support they need.


The Fort Walla Walla Rotary Shelter is a beacon of hope for individuals experiencing homelessness in Walla Walla, Washington. Through its comprehensive approach, dedicated staff, and the support of the local community, the shelter is making a significant impact in addressing homelessness and empowering individuals to rebuild their lives. By getting involved, whether through volunteering, donating, or spreading the word, you can play a crucial role in supporting this important community initiative.