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Sheriff Lee County, Va. couple arrested after deputies find cocaine, paraphernalia in home
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Welcome to the latest edition of Lee County VA News, where we bring you the most up-to-date information about the happenings in this beautiful county. From community events and local news to important announcements and developments, we have it all covered. Join us as we delve into the heart of Lee County and explore the stories that make it unique.

Local Events

1. The Annual Lee County Fair

2. Summer Concert Series at Wilderness Road State Park

3. Farmers Market Every Saturday

4. Lee County Historical Society's Annual Picnic

5. Lee County Fall Festival

Lee County is known for its vibrant community and rich history, and there is no shortage of exciting events that bring people together. The Annual Lee County Fair is a highlight of the summer, where locals and visitors alike can enjoy thrilling rides, delicious food, and live entertainment. If you're a music lover, don't miss the Summer Concert Series at Wilderness Road State Park, featuring talented local artists. And for those who appreciate fresh produce and unique crafts, the Farmers Market is the place to be every Saturday.

The Lee County Historical Society's Annual Picnic is a beloved tradition that celebrates the county's heritage. Families gather to enjoy a day filled with games, storytelling, and delicious homemade dishes. And as the leaves start to change, the Lee County Fall Festival welcomes the arrival of autumn with hayrides, pumpkin carving contests, and much more.

Local News

1. New Business Opens in Downtown Pennington Gap

2. Lee County Schools Receive Grant for STEM Education

3. Lee County Hospital Expands Services

4. Volunteer Fire Department Celebrates 50 Years

5. Local Non-Profit Raises Funds for Community Center

Lee County is a hub of activity and growth, and there are always exciting developments happening in the area. Recently, a new business opened its doors in downtown Pennington Gap, bringing a fresh energy to the local economy. The community has welcomed the addition with open arms, and visitors can now explore unique shops and enjoy delicious cuisine.

Lee County Schools have also been making strides in providing quality education to its students. Thanks to a generous grant, the schools have been able to enhance their STEM education programs, providing students with hands-on learning opportunities and preparing them for future success.

The Lee County Hospital has been expanding its services to better serve the community's healthcare needs. With new state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team of medical professionals, residents can now access a wider range of specialized care without having to travel long distances.

The Volunteer Fire Department is celebrating a major milestone this year - 50 years of dedicated service to the community. The department has been instrumental in keeping Lee County safe, and their commitment to protecting lives and property is commendable.

A local non-profit organization has been working tirelessly to raise funds for a community center. With the support of the community, they have made significant progress and are getting closer to realizing their vision. The center will provide a space for various activities, including after-school programs, fitness classes, and cultural events.

Important Announcements

1. Road Closures for Bridge Repairs

2. Water Conservation Alert

3. Fire Safety Reminders

4. New Recycling Program

5. Public Meeting on Zoning Changes

Staying informed about important announcements is crucial for residents of Lee County. Currently, there are several road closures due to bridge repairs, and it is important to plan alternative routes accordingly. Additionally, a water conservation alert has been issued to ensure the sustainable use of this precious resource.

Fire safety should always be a top priority, and local authorities are reminding residents to check their smoke detectors regularly and have fire extinguishers readily available. It's also essential to familiarize oneself with the new recycling program to ensure proper waste management.

A public meeting has been scheduled to discuss proposed zoning changes, and community members are encouraged to attend and voice their opinions. This is an opportunity for residents to shape the future development and growth of Lee County.

Developments in Infrastructure

1. New Highway Project Connecting Lee County to Surrounding Areas

2. Renovations to Local Parks

3. Expansion of Broadband Internet Access

4. Upgrades to Public Transportation

5. Construction of New Community Center

Lee County is experiencing significant developments in its infrastructure, aimed at improving connectivity and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. A new highway project is underway, which will provide easier access to neighboring areas and promote economic growth.

Local parks are also getting a makeover, with renovations planned to create more recreational spaces and improve existing facilities. These upgrades will encourage outdoor activities and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Recognizing the importance of reliable internet access, efforts are being made to expand broadband coverage throughout the county. This will bridge the digital divide and open up new opportunities for education, business, and communication.

Improving public transportation is another focus for Lee County, with upgrades planned to enhance accessibility and convenience. This will benefit residents who rely on public transportation for their daily commute and provide better connectivity within the county.

Finally, the construction of a new community center is on the horizon. This multi-purpose facility will serve as a hub for various recreational, educational, and cultural activities, bringing the community closer together.


Lee County is a vibrant and growing community, with a wealth of events, developments, and news to keep residents informed and engaged. From local events that bring people together to important announcements and infrastructure improvements, Lee County VA News is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with all the happenings in this beautiful county. Stay tuned for more exciting stories and updates!