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Red River Valley Lyrics PDF


The Red River Valley is a popular folk song that has been sung and passed down through generations. Its origins can be traced back to the 19th century, and it continues to be a cherished song with its beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics. In this article, we will explore the lyrics of the Red River Valley and provide a PDF version for your convenience.

The History of the Red River Valley

The Red River Valley has a rich history that dates back to the mid-1800s. It is believed to have originated as a traditional folk song in the Red River Valley region, which spans across the United States and Canada. The song gained popularity during the time of the Red River Rebellion in Canada, where it was sung by soldiers and settlers alike.

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

The lyrics of the Red River Valley tell a story of love and longing. The song is often interpreted as a lament of a cowboy who is parting ways with his sweetheart, leaving her behind in the valley. The lyrics capture the bittersweet emotions of love and loss, and the longing for the person left behind.

Exploring the Lyrics

Let's take a closer look at the lyrics of the Red River Valley:

Verse 1

"From this valley they say you are going,

I will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile,

For they say you are taking the sunshine

That has brightened our pathways awhile."

The first verse sets the tone for the song, expressing the sorrow of the narrator who will miss the person leaving. The mention of "bright eyes" and "sweet smile" highlights the beauty and joy that the person brings to the narrator's life.


"Come and sit by my side if you love me,

Do not hasten to bid me adieu,

But remember the Red River Valley,

And the cowboy who loved you so true."

The chorus invites the person to stay and sit by the narrator's side, emphasizing their love. It also references the Red River Valley, which holds sentimental value to both the narrator and the person being addressed.

Verse 2

"I've been thinking a long time, my darling,

Of the sweet words you never would say,

Now, alas, must my fond hopes all vanish?

For they say you are gong away."

The second verse delves deeper into the narrator's thoughts and their disappointment in the person's lack of reciprocation. The lyrics express the narrator's fear that their hopes and dreams will be shattered with the person's departure.

Verse 3

"Do you