65 Belle Plaine Parade 2023

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The Belle Plaine Parade is an annual event that brings together the community to celebrate the rich history and vibrant culture of the town. In 2023, the parade promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with an array of floats, marching bands, and performers. Whether you're a long-time resident or a visitor, the Belle Plaine Parade is an event you won't want to miss. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what you can expect from the Belle Plaine Parade in 2023.

A Brief History of the Belle Plaine Parade

The Belle Plaine Parade has been a beloved tradition in the town for over a century. It first began in 1898 as a way to celebrate Belle Plaine's 50th anniversary, and it has continued to be a highlight of the town's calendar ever since. Over the years, the parade has grown in size and popularity, attracting participants and spectators from all across the region.

Date and Time

The Belle Plaine Parade is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 15, 2023. The parade will kick off at 10:00 AM and is expected to last for approximately two hours. It's advisable to arrive early to secure a good viewing spot along the parade route.

Parade Route

The parade route will wind its way through the streets of Belle Plaine, showcasing the town's picturesque landmarks and charming neighborhoods. Starting at Main Street, the parade will proceed down Elm Avenue, then turn onto Oak Street before making its way back to Main Street. Spectators are encouraged to line the streets and cheer on the participants as they pass by.

Floats and Decorations

The Belle Plaine Parade is known for its impressive floats and creative decorations. Local businesses, organizations, and community groups go all out to create eye-catching displays that reflect the theme of the parade. From colorful floral arrangements to intricate paper mache sculptures, the floats are a true testament to the artistic talent and creativity of the Belle Plaine community.

Marching Bands and Performers

No parade is complete without the lively tunes of marching bands and the energetic performances of talented individuals. The Belle Plaine Parade will feature a variety of marching bands from local schools and neighboring towns, as well as dancers, acrobats, and other performers. Be prepared to tap your feet and clap your hands as you enjoy the lively and entertaining acts.

Food and Refreshments

Attending a parade can work up quite an appetite, and the Belle Plaine Parade has you covered. Along the parade route, you'll find a range of food vendors offering everything from classic carnival treats like popcorn and cotton candy to savory options like burgers and hot dogs. There will also be a selection of refreshing beverages to quench your thirst on a warm summer's day.

Entertainment and Activities

The fun doesn't stop with the parade itself. The Belle Plaine Parade also offers a range of entertainment and activities for all ages to enjoy. From face painting and balloon animals for the kids to live music performances and art exhibitions for the adults, there's something for everyone. It's a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family and make lasting memories.

Costumes and Dress Code

While there is no strict dress code for the Belle Plaine Parade, many attendees choose to embrace the spirit of the event by dressing up in colorful costumes and accessories. You'll see people of all ages sporting vibrant outfits, hats, and face paint. Feel free to let your creativity shine and join in the festive atmosphere by dressing up in your own unique way.

Public Safety Measures

The safety of participants and spectators is of utmost importance at the Belle Plaine Parade. The event organizers work closely with local law enforcement and emergency services to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. There will be designated areas for emergency vehicles along the parade route, as well as trained staff and volunteers on hand to assist with any medical or safety needs.

Transportation and Parking

If you're planning on attending the Belle Plaine Parade, it's important to plan ahead for transportation and parking. The town provides ample parking spaces in designated lots near the parade route, but these can fill up quickly, especially on parade day. Consider carpooling or using public transportation if possible, and be prepared to walk a short distance from your parking spot to the parade route.

Photography and Videography

The Belle Plaine Parade offers plenty of opportunities for capturing memorable moments on camera. Whether you're a professional photographer or just enjoy taking snapshots, be sure to bring your camera or smartphone along. However, it's important to be mindful of the parade participants and other spectators when taking photos. Avoid obstructing the view or getting in the way of the performers and float riders.

Social Media and Hashtags

Join in the excitement and share your experience at the Belle Plaine Parade on social media. The event organizers encourage attendees to use the official parade hashtag, #BellePlaineParade2023, when posting photos and updates. This allows others to easily find and connect with your posts, creating a sense of community and shared celebration.

Volunteer Opportunities

The success of the Belle Plaine Parade relies heavily on the support of volunteers. If you're interested in getting involved and giving back to your community, consider volunteering for the parade. There are various roles available, from helping with setup and cleanup to assisting with crowd control and handing out promotional materials. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience and a great way to meet new people.

Local Businesses and Sponsorship

The Belle Plaine Parade presents an excellent opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products and services to a large audience. Many businesses choose to sponsor the parade, either through financial contributions or in-kind donations. In return, they receive exposure and recognition during the event, as well as in promotional materials leading up to the parade. Supporting local businesses is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for their involvement in the community.

Community Involvement and Engagement

The Belle Plaine Parade is a true community event, and its success is a testament to the strong sense of community in Belle Plaine. The parade brings together people from all walks of life, fostering a sense of belonging and unity. Whether you're participating in the parade, cheering from the sidelines, or volunteering behind the scenes, your involvement helps to make the Belle Plaine Parade a memorable and cherished tradition.


The Belle Plaine Parade is an event that captures the spirit and essence of the town. With its colorful floats, lively performances, and festive atmosphere, it's a celebration that brings smiles to faces and joy to hearts. As you mark your calendar for July 15, 2023, be sure to invite your friends and family to join in the festivities. The Belle Plaine Parade is an experience that will create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds within the community.