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Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) is an organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging Christian families who have chosen to educate their children at home. With a mission to provide resources, training, and community, CHEF has become a valuable resource for homeschooling families across the country. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of CHEF and how it can benefit both new and experienced homeschoolers.

History of CHEF

Established in 1991, Christian Home Educators Fellowship was founded by a group of homeschooling parents who saw the need for a supportive community. They envisioned an organization that would provide educational resources, organize events, and offer guidance to families who were embarking on the homeschooling journey. Over the years, CHEF has grown significantly and now serves thousands of families nationwide.

Membership Benefits

One of the key advantages of joining CHEF is access to a wealth of resources and support. Members receive a subscription to the CHEF magazine, which features articles on homeschooling techniques, curriculum reviews, and personal stories from homeschooling families. Additionally, members have exclusive access to webinars, workshops, and conferences conducted by experienced homeschooling parents and experts in the field.

Curriculum Support

CHEF understands that selecting the right curriculum can be overwhelming for homeschooling parents, especially those who are just starting. That's why they provide comprehensive curriculum support to their members. From curriculum reviews and recommendations to assistance in customizing curricula to suit individual learning styles and preferences, CHEF helps parents make informed decisions about their children's education.

Legal Guidance

Another valuable aspect of CHEF is their legal guidance and support. Homeschooling laws and regulations can vary from state to state, and it's crucial for parents to understand their rights and responsibilities. CHEF provides information on homeschooling laws, assists in filing necessary paperwork, and offers guidance in navigating any legal challenges that may arise.

Community and Networking

One of the greatest benefits of joining CHEF is the sense of community and networking opportunities it provides. Homeschooling can sometimes feel isolating, but with CHEF, parents have the chance to connect with other like-minded families who share similar values and beliefs. Through local support groups, online forums, and social events, CHEF fosters a supportive community where members can find encouragement, advice, and friendship.

Events and Field Trips

CHEF organizes a variety of events and field trips throughout the year, offering homeschooling families the opportunity to socialize, learn, and have fun together. From educational workshops and conferences to field trips to museums, parks, and historical sites, these events provide valuable educational experiences for children while also allowing parents to network and learn from each other.

Graduation and Recognition

As homeschoolers, it's important for children to receive recognition for their achievements. CHEF organizes graduation ceremonies and recognition events where homeschooling students can celebrate their accomplishments and receive diplomas. These events not only provide closure to the homeschooling journey but also highlight the hard work and dedication of both parents and students.

Support for Special Needs

CHEF recognizes that homeschooling special needs children comes with unique challenges and requirements. That's why they offer specialized support and resources for families who are homeschooling children with special needs. From curriculum adaptations and strategies to guidance on seeking additional therapy or assistance, CHEF ensures that all homeschooling families have the necessary tools to provide a quality education for their children.

Continuing Education for Parents

Homeschooling parents understand the importance of lifelong learning, and CHEF supports their educational journey as well. The organization offers a range of continuing education opportunities for parents, including workshops, seminars, and online courses. These resources help parents stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies, educational trends, and subject-specific knowledge.

Advocacy and Legislative Efforts

CHEF is committed to advocating for homeschooling rights and representing the interests of homeschooling families on a legislative level. The organization monitors proposed legislation that may impact homeschooling and actively engages in lobbying efforts to protect the rights of parents to educate their children at home. By staying informed and involved, CHEF ensures that homeschooling remains a viable option for families across the country.


Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) is a valuable resource for homeschooling families, providing support, resources, and a sense of community. With its comprehensive curriculum support, legal guidance, networking opportunities, and continuing education options, CHEF equips parents with the tools they need to provide a quality education for their children at home. Whether you are a new homeschooler or a seasoned veteran, CHEF can be an invaluable partner in your homeschooling journey.