55 Peter And The Starcatcher Characters

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Peter and the Starcatcher Characters


Peter and the Starcatcher is a Tony Award-winning play that serves as a prequel to the classic story of Peter Pan. Set in Victorian-era England, the play introduces us to a variety of colorful and memorable characters who play pivotal roles in the story and capture the imagination of audiences young and old. In this article, we will dive into the fascinating world of Peter and the Starcatcher and explore the unique traits and motivations of its beloved characters.

Peter Pan

As the titular character, Peter Pan is a young boy who refuses to grow up. He is portrayed as mischievous, adventurous, and fiercely independent. Peter is known for his ability to fly and his unwavering belief in magic. Throughout the play, we witness Peter's transformation from an orphan boy longing for a family to the iconic leader of the Lost Boys.

Molly Aster

Molly Aster is the daughter of Lord Leonard Aster, a Starcatcher tasked with protecting a mysterious trunk that holds the power to change the fate of the world. Molly is portrayed as intelligent, resourceful, and brave. She serves as a foil to Peter, often taking charge and leading the way. Molly's strong sense of justice and determination make her a compelling character to watch.

Black Stache

Black Stache, later known as Captain Hook, is the main antagonist of the play. He is a notorious pirate who is obsessed with capturing the trunk and obtaining its power. Black Stache is depicted as flamboyant, cunning, and quick-witted. His exaggerated mannerisms and over-the-top personality make him a delightfully villainous character.

Lord Leonard Aster

Lord Leonard Aster is Molly's father and a Starcatcher. He is responsible for the safekeeping of the trunk and is determined to protect it at all costs. Lord Aster is portrayed as wise, thoughtful, and deeply committed to his duty. His relationship with Molly and his interactions with other characters provide insight into his character's complexities.


Prentiss is one of Peter's fellow orphans who joins him on the adventure. He is portrayed as competitive, boastful, and somewhat cowardly. Prentiss often finds himself in comical situations and serves as a source of comic relief throughout the play. Despite his flaws, Prentiss's loyalty to his friends shines through, making him a lovable character.


Ted is another orphan who accompanies Peter on his journey. He is portrayed as the most innocent and naive of the group. Ted's childlike wonder and unwavering optimism provide a stark contrast to the harsh realities of their world. His infectious enthusiasm adds a touch of charm to the play.


Smee is Black Stache's loyal and bumbling sidekick. He is known for his clumsiness and his undying loyalty to his captain. Smee's comedic timing and slapstick humor add levity to the play. Despite his allegiance to Black Stache, Smee's endearing nature makes him a sympathetic character.


Alf is a seafarer and a father-like figure to the orphans. He is depicted as gruff yet kind-hearted. Alf's wisdom and guidance help the orphans navigate the treacherous waters of their adventure. His no-nonsense approach and protective instincts make him a beloved character.


Grempkin is the headmaster of the orphanage where Peter and his friends reside. He is portrayed as strict, cruel, and manipulative. Grempkin's mistreatment of the orphans adds a layer of darkness to the play. His character serves as a reminder of the harsh realities faced by orphaned children during that time.

Bill Slank

Bill Slank is a villainous character who is initially in possession of the trunk. He is depicted as ruthless and cunning, willing to do whatever it takes to claim the trunk's power for himself. Bill Slank's actions set the stage for the adventure that unfolds throughout the play.

The Mollusks

The Mollusks are a group of island natives who befriend Peter and his friends. They are portrayed as eccentric, colorful characters with their own unique quirks. The Mollusks provide support and guidance to the orphans, adding an element of warmth and community to the story.

The Others

The Others are a mysterious group of creatures who inhabit the island. They are shrouded in secrecy, with their motives and intentions unclear. The Others add an element of danger and intrigue to the play, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

Amarillo and Sanchez

Amarillo and Sanchez are two of Black Stache's pirate crew members. They are portrayed as dim-witted and easily manipulated. Amarillo and Sanchez's comedic interactions with Black Stache and Smee provide moments of laughter throughout the play.


The Teacher is a character who appears in flashbacks and memories. She is portrayed as kind and nurturing, providing a contrast to the harsh realities faced by the orphans. The Teacher's presence serves as a reminder of the power of love and guidance in shaping a child's life.


Peter and the Starcatcher is a play filled with a diverse and captivating cast of characters. From the brave and adventurous Peter Pan to the flamboyant and cunning Black Stache, each character brings their own unique flavor to the story. Whether they are heroes or villains, the characters in Peter and the Starcatcher come alive on stage, enchanting audiences and reminding us of the power of imagination and the enduring appeal of classic tales.