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Berks County Track And Field
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Berks County Track and Field


Berks County, located in southeastern Pennsylvania, is home to a vibrant and thriving track and field community. With a rich history and a strong tradition of excellence, Berks County has produced some of the finest track and field athletes in the state. This article will explore the various aspects of track and field in Berks County, including its history, notable athletes, training facilities, and upcoming events.

History of Track and Field in Berks County

The roots of track and field in Berks County can be traced back to the early 20th century, when organized competitions began to take place among the local schools. Over the years, the sport gained popularity, and Berks County became known for its strong track and field programs. Today, the county boasts a rich history of successful athletes and teams, with numerous state championships and records to its name.

Notable Athletes from Berks County

Berks County has been a breeding ground for talented track and field athletes. Many of these athletes have gone on to achieve great success at the collegiate and professional levels. Some notable athletes from Berks County include:

  • Carl Lewis: A legendary sprinter and long jumper, Lewis won multiple Olympic gold medals and set numerous world records during his career. He grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania.
  • Mike Boykin: A standout high jumper, Boykin competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics and won several national championships. He attended Kutztown University.
  • Heather Kampf: A middle-distance runner, Kampf has won multiple national titles and represented the United States in international competitions. She hails from West Reading.
  • Sam Mattis: A discus thrower, Mattis competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics and holds the NCAA record in the event. He attended Penn State University.

Training Facilities in Berks County

For aspiring track and field athletes in Berks County, there are several top-notch training facilities available. These facilities offer state-of-the-art equipment and expert coaching to help athletes reach their full potential. Some of the notable training facilities in Berks County include:

  • Berks County Track and Field Center: Located in Reading, this facility features an Olympic-sized running track, jumping pits, and throwing areas. It is open to both recreational and competitive athletes.
  • Wilson High School Track: Situated in Spring Township, this track is widely regarded as one of the best in the county. It is frequently used for local and regional track meets.
  • Wyomissing Area High School Track: This track offers a variety of training options, including sprinting, distance running, and field events. It is open to both students and community members.

Upcoming Events in Berks County

Berks County hosts a number of track and field events throughout the year, providing opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels to compete. Some of the upcoming events in Berks County include:

  • Berks County Track and Field Championships: This annual event brings together the best athletes from across the county to compete for county titles in various track and field events.
  • Berks County Junior Olympics: Geared towards young athletes, this event gives aspiring track and field stars the chance to showcase their skills and compete against their peers.
  • Berks County Masters Track and Field Meet: Designed for athletes over the age of 30, this meet allows older competitors to continue participating in the sport they love.


Berks County has a long and storied history in track and field, producing some of the finest athletes in the state. With top-notch training facilities and a calendar full of exciting events, the track and field community in Berks County continues to thrive. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out, Berks County offers ample opportunities to pursue your passion for track and field.