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PPT An adventure into the unknown… A Webquest on the Lewis and Clark Expedition PowerPoint
PPT An adventure into the unknown… A Webquest on the Lewis and Clark Expedition PowerPoint from www.slideserve.com


Welcome to the Lewis and Clark WebQuest, where we will embark on a virtual journey to explore the historic expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. This interactive web-based activity will allow you to delve into the fascinating world of these intrepid explorers as they ventured into the uncharted territory of the American West in the early 19th century. Join us as we navigate through various resources, engage in thought-provoking activities, and uncover the significance of this iconic expedition.

1. The Lewis and Clark Expedition

1.1 Background

Gain an understanding of the circumstances that led to the Lewis and Clark expedition, including President Thomas Jefferson's vision for exploring the new western territories.

1.2 Objectives

Explore the primary objectives of the expedition and uncover the specific goals that Lewis and Clark set out to achieve during their journey.

1.3 The Corps of Discovery

Discover the composition and roles of the Corps of Discovery, the team of individuals handpicked by Lewis and Clark to accompany them on their expedition.

2. Preparation and Departure

2.1 Gathering Supplies

Learn about the meticulous preparations undertaken by Lewis and Clark as they gathered supplies, navigational instruments, and other essential items for their arduous journey.

2.2 Departure from St. Louis

Follow Lewis and Clark's departure from St. Louis on May 14, 1804, and trace their progress as they made their way up the Missouri River.

3. Mapping the Unknown

3.1 Exploration of the Missouri River

Discover the challenges faced by Lewis and Clark as they navigated the treacherous currents and encountered various Native American tribes along the Missouri River.

3.2 Cartography and Journaling

Learn about the importance of cartography and journaling during the expedition, and how these practices helped document their findings and create accurate maps of the unknown territory.

4. Encounter with Native American Tribes

4.1 Diplomacy and Trade

Explore the interactions between Lewis and Clark's expedition and the Native American tribes they encountered, including their efforts to establish peaceful relations and engage in trade.

4.2 Cultural Exchanges

Gain insights into the cultural exchanges that took place between the expedition members and the Native American tribes, including the sharing of knowledge, language, and customs.

5. Wildlife and Natural Discoveries

5.1 Flora and Fauna

Discover the rich biodiversity of the American West as Lewis and Clark documented numerous species of plants and animals previously unknown to science.

5.2 Geological Marvels

Learn about the geological wonders encountered by the expedition, including the awe-inspiring landscapes, rivers, and mountain ranges that amazed Lewis and Clark.

6. Arrival at the Pacific

6.1 Reaching the Pacific Ocean

Follow Lewis and Clark's arduous journey to the Pacific Ocean, their elation upon reaching their destination, and their winter encampment at Fort Clatsop.

6.2 Return Journey

Explore the challenges faced by the expedition during their return journey, including encounters with hostile Native American tribes, harsh weather conditions, and limited supplies.

7. Legacy of the Expedition

7.1 Scientific Contributions

Learn about the significant scientific contributions made by Lewis and Clark's expedition, including the documentation of new species, geological discoveries, and ethnographic observations.

7.2 Westward Expansion

Discover how the Lewis and Clark expedition paved the way for westward expansion in the United States, opening up new possibilities for trade, settlement, and development.

7.3 Cultural Impact

Explore the lasting cultural impact of the expedition, including its influence on literature, art, and the popular imagination, as well as its significance for Native American tribes.


The Lewis and Clark WebQuest offers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of one of the most important expeditions in American history. Through interactive activities, informative resources, and thought-provoking insights, you can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, triumphs, and significance of this remarkable journey. So, embark on this virtual adventure and discover the untold stories of Lewis and Clark as they ventured into the unknown.