50 Does Staples Hire Felons

Does Staples Hire Felons in 2023? All the Answers You Want
Does Staples Hire Felons in 2023? All the Answers You Want from therelaunchpad.com

Does Staples Hire Felons?

When it comes to finding employment opportunities, individuals with a criminal record often face significant challenges. Many companies have strict policies against hiring individuals with felony convictions, which can make it difficult for those with a criminal history to secure stable employment. In this article, we'll explore whether Staples, the popular office supply retailer, hires felons. We'll delve into their hiring policies, potential job opportunities, and provide tips for individuals with a criminal record who are seeking employment at Staples.

Understanding Staples' Hiring Policies

Before we dive into whether Staples hires felons, it's important to understand the company's hiring policies. Like most employers, Staples aims to create a safe and secure workplace for its employees and customers. As a result, they conduct background checks on all potential employees to ensure they are suitable for employment.

Background Checks at Staples

Staples typically performs background checks on job applicants to screen for any criminal history. These background checks may include a review of an individual's criminal records, including felony convictions. This is done to protect the company, its employees, and its customers from potential risks and liabilities.

Staples' Stance on Hiring Felons

While Staples does conduct background checks, they do not explicitly state whether they hire felons or not. The company evaluates each applicant on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the nature of the offense, the time that has passed since the conviction, and the individual's rehabilitation efforts.

Job Opportunities at Staples

Staples offers a wide range of job opportunities across various departments, including retail, customer service, management, and corporate roles. Some common positions at Staples include sales associates, cashiers, customer service representatives, warehouse associates, and office managers.

Entry-Level Positions

For individuals with a criminal record who are seeking entry-level positions, Staples may offer viable employment opportunities. Entry-level positions often require minimal qualifications and provide an opportunity for individuals to gain valuable work experience and develop skills.

Management Roles

In addition to entry-level positions, Staples also offers management roles within their retail stores and corporate offices. These positions typically require more experience and qualifications. However, individuals with a criminal record may still be considered if they possess the necessary skills and demonstrate their rehabilitation efforts.

Applying for a Job at Staples

If you have a felony conviction and are interested in applying for a job at Staples, it's important to approach the application process strategically. Here are some tips to increase your chances of success:

1. Be Honest About Your Criminal Record

When filling out the job application, be honest about your criminal record. Staples may conduct a background check, and providing false information can result in disqualification from the hiring process.

2. Highlight Your Skills and Qualifications

Focus on highlighting your skills, qualifications, and relevant work experience. Emphasize the positive aspects of your background and showcase your ability to contribute to the company's success.

3. Demonstrate Rehabilitation Efforts

Showcase your efforts towards rehabilitation and personal growth. This can include participation in educational programs, completion of vocational training, or involvement in community service initiatives.

4. Obtain References

Obtain references from individuals who can vouch for your character and work ethic. This could be a previous employer, mentor, or community leader who can speak positively about your abilities.

5. Prepare for the Interview

Prepare for the interview by researching the company, practicing common interview questions, and showcasing your enthusiasm for the position. Dress professionally and demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact in the workplace.


While Staples does not explicitly state whether they hire felons or not, they evaluate each applicant on an individual basis. By being honest about your criminal record, highlighting your skills and qualifications, demonstrating rehabilitation efforts, obtaining references, and preparing for the interview, you can increase your chances of securing a job at Staples. Remember, every individual's situation is unique, and it's important to remain persistent and resilient in your job search. Good luck!