50 Bartlesville Community Center Calendar

Bartlesville Community Center Calendar
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Bartlesville Community Center Calendar


The Bartlesville Community Center is a hub of cultural and entertainment events in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. With a stunning architecture and state-of-the-art facilities, it hosts a wide range of performances, concerts, exhibits, and activities throughout the year. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to the Bartlesville Community Center calendar, detailing the upcoming events and providing insights into the diverse cultural experiences it offers.


1. New Year's Concert: Start the year on a high note with a mesmerizing concert by the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra. Enjoy a repertoire of classical and contemporary compositions.

2. Art Exhibition: Explore the works of local artists in the community center's art gallery. Admire the creativity and talent showcased through various mediums.


1. Broadway Musical: Experience the magic of Broadway with a captivating performance of a popular musical by a touring production. Sing along to your favorite show tunes and be transported to a world of theatrical wonder.

2. Valentine's Day Concert: Celebrate love and romance with a special concert featuring renowned musicians and vocalists. Enjoy an evening filled with beautiful melodies and heartfelt emotions.


1. Dance Performance: Be dazzled by the grace and skill of professional dancers as they take the stage to perform awe-inspiring choreography. Witness the beauty of movement and storytelling through dance.

2. Stand-Up Comedy Show: Get ready for a night of laughter and entertainment as talented comedians bring their comedic genius to the Bartlesville Community Center. Laugh your heart out and forget your worries for a while.


1. Children's Theater: Treat your kids to a delightful theatrical experience designed especially for young audiences. Watch as their eyes light up with excitement and imagination.

2. Chamber Music Concert: Immerse yourself in the harmonious sounds of a chamber music ensemble. Enjoy the intimacy and intricacy of the musical performance.


1. Spring Art Fair: Explore a variety of art forms at the community center's annual Spring Art Fair. Browse through the exhibits, shop for unique artworks, and meet talented artists.

2. Choral Performance: Listen to the enchanting voices of a local choir as they present a captivating choral performance. Let the harmonies uplift your spirits and touch your soul.


1. Summer Concert Series: Enjoy a series of outdoor concerts in the community center's beautiful courtyard. Bring a blanket, sit back, and relax as talented musicians fill the air with captivating melodies.

2. Youth Talent Showcase: Witness the incredible talents of young performers as they showcase their skills in singing, dancing, and other artistic disciplines. Support the next generation of artists.


1. Independence Day Celebration: Join the community in celebrating the Fourth of July with a spectacular fireworks display and live music performances. Commemorate the nation's independence with your fellow Bartlesville residents.

2. Jazz Festival: Immerse yourself in the smooth sounds of jazz during the community center's annual Jazz Festival. Enjoy performances by renowned jazz musicians and experience the improvisational magic of this genre.


1. Community Theater Production: Watch a local theater group bring a classic play or a contemporary drama to life on the community center's stage. Support the thriving theater scene in Bartlesville.

2. Photography Exhibition: Admire the art of photography expressed through captivating images captured by talented local photographers. See the world through their lens.


1. Ballet Performance: Witness the elegance and precision of ballet dancers as they perform breathtaking routines. Experience the magic of storytelling through graceful movements.

2. Film Festival: Immerse yourself in the world of cinema at the community center's film festival. Watch thought-provoking independent films and engage in discussions with filmmakers.


1. Halloween Spooktacular: Dress up in your favorite costume and join the community in a fun-filled Halloween event. Enjoy trick-or-treating, haunted house tours, and live performances.

2. Symphony Orchestra Concert: Be mesmerized by the powerful symphonic sounds of the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra. Experience the grandeur of classical music.


1. Cultural Festival: Celebrate the diverse cultures represented in Bartlesville through an immersive festival featuring music, dance, food, and art from around the world. Embrace the spirit of unity and understanding.

2. Comedy Play: Laugh your way through an entertaining comedy play performed by a local theater group. Enjoy an evening of comedic storytelling and lighthearted entertainment.


1. Holiday Concert: Get into the festive spirit with a heartwarming holiday concert featuring traditional and contemporary holiday music. Sing along to your favorite carols and feel the joy of the season.

2. Nutcracker Ballet: Experience the enchantment of Tchaikovsky's classic ballet, "The Nutcracker," performed by a professional ballet company. Let yourself be transported to a magical world of dreams and wonder.


The Bartlesville Community Center calendar offers a wide range of cultural experiences and entertainment options throughout the year. From symphony concerts to art exhibitions, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Keep an eye on the calendar and make sure not to miss out on the exciting events happening at this vibrant cultural hub in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.