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Welcome to our blog article about Little Angels Pug Rescue! In this article, we will delve into the incredible work this organization does to provide a safe haven for pugs in need. We will explore their mission, services, adoption process, and the impact they have on the lives of these adorable little angels.

About Little Angels Pug Rescue


Little Angels Pug Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming pugs in distress. Their mission is to provide a loving and nurturing environment for these adorable dogs, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being.


Founded in 2010, Little Angels Pug Rescue was born out of a deep passion for pugs and a desire to make a difference in their lives. The organization started with a small group of dedicated volunteers and has grown steadily over the years.


Little Angels Pug Rescue offers a range of services to pugs in need:

  • Rescue and Rehabilitation: They rescue pugs from various situations, such as neglect, abuse, or abandonment, and provide them with medical care, rehabilitation, and love.
  • Adoption: Once the pugs are ready for their forever homes, Little Angels Pug Rescue carefully screens potential adopters to ensure a good match and a loving home for each pug.
  • Education and Outreach: The organization aims to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership, the importance of spaying/neutering, and the unique needs of pugs.

Adoption Process


The adoption process at Little Angels Pug Rescue begins with an application. Prospective adopters are required to fill out a detailed form, providing information about their living situation, experience with dogs, and their preferences for a pug.

Home Visit

Once the application is submitted and reviewed, a volunteer from Little Angels Pug Rescue will conduct a home visit. This visit aims to ensure that the potential adopter's home is safe and suitable for a pug.

Meet and Greet

If the home visit is successful, the potential adopter will be invited to meet the pugs available for adoption. This allows both the adopter and the pugs to interact and see if they form a bond.

Adoption Agreement

If the meet and greet goes well, an adoption agreement will be signed. This agreement outlines the responsibilities of the adopter and the commitment they are making to the pug.

Adoption Fee

Little Angels Pug Rescue requires an adoption fee to help cover the costs of caring for the pugs. This fee varies depending on the age and health of the pug, but it is typically between $200 to $400.

Impact and Success Stories

Lives Saved

Since its inception, Little Angels Pug Rescue has saved the lives of countless pugs. Through their dedicated efforts, they have rescued pugs from dire situations and provided them with a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life.

Rehabilitation and Healing

Many of the pugs rescued by Little Angels Pug Rescue have suffered from neglect, abuse, or medical issues. The organization works tirelessly to rehabilitate these pugs, both physically and emotionally, ensuring they are ready for their forever homes.

Happy Endings

Little Angels Pug Rescue has numerous success stories of pugs finding their perfect forever homes. These heartwarming tales showcase the transformative power of love and compassion, as these little angels go from being in distress to living a life full of love and happiness.

How You Can Help


Little Angels Pug Rescue relies heavily on dedicated volunteers to carry out their mission. Whether it's assisting with rescue operations, fostering a pug, or helping with administrative tasks, your time and skills can make a significant impact.


Financial contributions are vital for Little Angels Pug Rescue to continue their lifesaving work. Donations can help cover medical expenses, food, supplies, and other essential needs of the pugs in their care. Every dollar makes a difference.

Spread the Word

By spreading the word about Little Angels Pug Rescue, you can help raise awareness about their mission and the pugs in need. Share their website, social media posts, and success stories with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Support Adoption

If you are considering adding a furry friend to your family, consider adopting from Little Angels Pug Rescue. By adopting a pug, you not only provide a loving home for a deserving dog but also support the organization's ongoing rescue efforts.


Little Angels Pug Rescue is a shining example of compassion and dedication in the world of animal rescue. Through their tireless efforts, they have made a significant impact on the lives of pugs in need, giving them a chance at a better life. Whether through adoption, volunteering, or donations, we can all play a part in supporting their mission and ensuring that these little angels find their forever homes.