45 Acts 14 Sermon Outline

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Acts 14 Sermon Outline


The book of Acts is an incredible account of the early Christian church and the spread of the gospel message. In Acts chapter 14, we see the apostle Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. They encounter both opposition and success as they proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. This sermon outline will explore the key themes and lessons from Acts 14.

1. The Power of the Gospel

The chapter begins with Paul and Barnabas preaching in the city of Iconium. Despite facing opposition and threats of violence, they boldly proclaim the gospel message. This highlights the power of the gospel to penetrate even the darkest hearts and transform lives.

2. Signs and Wonders

In Iconium, God confirms the message of Paul and Barnabas by granting them the ability to perform signs and wonders. This demonstrates the authenticity of their ministry and serves as a testimony to the power of God.

3. Perseverance in the Face of Opposition

As Paul and Barnabas continue their journey, they face intense opposition in Lystra. Paul is even stoned and left for dead. However, he miraculously recovers and presses on, refusing to be deterred by the trials and persecution he faces.

4. The Healing of a Crippled Man

In Lystra, Paul encounters a man who has been lame from birth. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Paul heals the man, causing great astonishment among the crowds. This miracle serves as a powerful testimony to the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

5. The Danger of Idolatry

When the people of Lystra witness the healing of the crippled man, they mistakenly attribute the miracle to Paul and Barnabas being gods in human form. This highlights the danger of idolatry and the need for people to worship the one true God.

6. Proclaiming the Good News

Throughout their journey, Paul and Barnabas consistently proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. They share the message of salvation, urging people to turn from their idols and put their faith in Jesus.

7. Opposition from Jewish Leaders

As Paul and Barnabas continue to spread the gospel, they face opposition from Jewish leaders who are unwilling to accept the message of Jesus. Despite the resistance, they remain steadfast in their mission to share the truth.

8. Establishing and Strengthening Churches

One of the main purposes of Paul and Barnabas' missionary journey is to establish and strengthen churches in the places they visit. They appoint elders in each church and encourage believers to continue in the faith.

9. Encouragement in Trials

Paul and Barnabas emphasize the importance of enduring trials and tribulations for the sake of the gospel. They remind believers that through many hardships, we must enter the kingdom of God.

10. The Return to Antioch

After completing their journey, Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch, where they share the incredible things God has done among the Gentiles. This highlights the importance of reporting back and giving glory to God for the work He has accomplished.

11. Reflection and Application

Acts 14 serves as a reminder of the power of the gospel, the perseverance required in the face of opposition, and the importance of establishing and strengthening churches. It challenges us to boldly proclaim the good news and endure trials for the sake of the gospel.


Acts 14 provides valuable lessons and insights into the early Christian church and the spread of the gospel. It encourages us to remain steadfast in our faith, proclaim the good news, and trust in the power of God to transform lives. May we, like Paul and Barnabas, be willing to endure trials and opposition for the sake of the gospel.