40 Incubator With Built In Candler

TECHTONGDA 110V Egg Incubator Hatcher Digital 56 eggs with builtin Candler & Automatic Egg
TECHTONGDA 110V Egg Incubator Hatcher Digital 56 eggs with builtin Candler & Automatic Egg from www.pinterest.ca


Welcome to our blog article on incubators with built-in candlers. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using incubators with built-in candlers, how they work, and provide recommendations for the best models on the market. Whether you are a seasoned poultry farmer or a beginner looking to start your own hatchery, this article will provide valuable information to help you make an informed decision.

Section 1: Understanding Incubators

What is an Incubator?

Before we delve into the specifics of incubators with built-in candlers, let's first understand what an incubator is. An incubator is a device that provides controlled conditions for eggs to hatch. It mimics the natural conditions required for successful incubation, such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation.

The Importance of Temperature and Humidity Control

Temperature and humidity control are crucial factors in successful egg incubation. Eggs require a specific temperature range, usually between 99 to 101 degrees Fahrenheit, for proper development. Too high or too low temperatures can result in poor hatch rates or even embryo mortality. Similarly, maintaining the right humidity level is essential to prevent eggs from drying out or becoming too moist, which can also lead to poor hatch rates.

Why Use an Incubator?

Using an incubator offers several advantages over natural incubation. Firstly, it allows for precise control of temperature and humidity, ensuring optimal conditions for egg development. Secondly, it eliminates the need for broody hens, which may not always be available or reliable. Lastly, it provides a more hygienic environment, reducing the risk of disease transmission and contamination.

Section 2: What is a Candler?

What is Candling?

Candling is a process of examining the contents of an egg using a bright light source to assess the embryo's development. It involves shining a light through the eggshell to observe the embryo's growth, blood vessels, and any potential defects or abnormalities. Candling is typically done around day 7 and day 14 of incubation to monitor the progress and viability of the embryos.

The Importance of Candling

Candling is an essential practice in egg incubation as it allows for the early detection of infertile or non-viable eggs. By identifying and removing these eggs, you can prevent them from affecting the hatchability of the remaining eggs. Additionally, candling enables you to monitor the development of the embryos, ensuring they are growing properly and detecting any issues that may require intervention.

Section 3: Incubators with Built-in Candlers

What are Incubators with Built-in Candlers?

Incubators with built-in candlers are specially designed incubators that incorporate a candler into the unit. This eliminates the need for a separate candler or external light source, making the incubation process more convenient and efficient. The built-in candler is typically located in the lid or side of the incubator and can be easily accessed during the candling process.

Benefits of Incubators with Built-in Candlers

There are several advantages to using incubators with built-in candlers:

  • Convenience: Having a built-in candler eliminates the need for an additional piece of equipment, saving time and effort during the incubation process.
  • Accuracy: The built-in candler is specifically designed for the incubator, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for effective candling and accurate assessment of embryo development.
  • Consistency: With a built-in candler, you can easily monitor the eggs' progress without disturbing the incubation environment, maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels.
  • Space-saving: Combining the incubator and candler into one unit saves space, making it ideal for small-scale hatcheries or individuals with limited space.

Section 4: Best Incubators with Built-in Candlers

Model 1: XYZ Incubator

The XYZ Incubator is a top-of-the-line model that offers advanced features for successful egg incubation. It has a built-in candler located on the side of the incubator, allowing for easy access during the candling process. The XYZ Incubator also boasts precise temperature and humidity control, ensuring optimal conditions for egg development. With its user-friendly interface and high hatch rates, this model is highly recommended for professional hatcheries.

Model 2: ABC Hatchery Pro

The ABC Hatchery Pro is a compact and efficient incubator with a built-in candler in the lid. It offers a range of features, including automatic egg turning, temperature and humidity alarms, and customizable settings. The built-in candler provides clear visibility of the embryos, making it easy to monitor their development. The ABC Hatchery Pro is an excellent choice for small-scale hatcheries or hobbyists looking for a reliable and user-friendly incubator.

Model 3: PQR Hatch-Master

The PQR Hatch-Master is a budget-friendly option for those starting in egg incubation. It features a built-in candler and offers basic temperature and humidity control. Although it may lack some advanced features, the PQR Hatch-Master still provides reliable incubation results. This model is ideal for beginners or individuals with a limited budget.


Incubators with built-in candlers offer a convenient and efficient solution for successful egg incubation. By combining the incubator and candler into one unit, these models save time, space, and effort, making them ideal for both professional hatcheries and beginners. When choosing an incubator with a built-in candler, consider your specific needs, budget, and the features offered by different models. With the right incubator, you can enjoy higher hatch rates and a smoother incubation process.