35 Leica Summilux-R 80mm F 1.4 Review

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Welcome to our review of the Leica Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 lens. In this article, we will take a closer look at this legendary lens and discuss its features, performance, and overall value. Whether you are a professional photographer or an avid hobbyist, the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 is sure to impress with its exceptional image quality and versatility. Let's dive in and see what makes this lens so special.


Before we delve into the details, let's start with a brief overview of the Leica Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 lens. This lens is part of Leica's renowned Summilux series, known for their exceptional optical quality and fast maximum aperture. With a focal length of 80mm, it is well-suited for a variety of photography genres, including portraiture, street photography, and even some sports and wildlife photography.

Build Quality and Design


One of the first things you'll notice about the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 is its solid build quality. Made with precision engineering and high-quality materials, this lens feels robust and reliable in your hands. Its metal barrel gives it a premium feel, and the focus and aperture rings have a smooth, well-damped action.


When it comes to ergonomics, Leica lenses are often praised for their user-friendly design, and the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 is no exception. The lens is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around for extended periods of time. The focus and aperture rings are well-positioned and easy to operate, allowing for quick and precise adjustments on the fly.

Optical Performance


One of the most important aspects of any lens is its sharpness, and the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 certainly delivers in this department. Even when shooting wide open at f/1.4, the lens produces tack-sharp images with excellent detail and clarity. As you stop down the aperture, the sharpness only improves, reaching its peak around f/4 to f/5.6.


The Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4's wide maximum aperture of f/1.4 also allows for beautiful bokeh, or background blur. The lens renders out-of-focus areas smoothly and creamy, creating a pleasing separation between the subject and the background. This makes it ideal for portraiture, as it helps draw attention to the main subject.

Color Rendition

Leica lenses are known for their exceptional color rendition, and the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 is no exception. The lens produces rich, vibrant colors with excellent accuracy and saturation. Whether you are shooting landscapes, portraits, or anything in between, you can trust that this lens will deliver true-to-life colors.


In addition to its excellent sharpness and color rendition, the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 also excels in contrast. The lens produces images with rich tonal range and deep blacks, adding depth and dimension to your photos. This is especially noticeable when shooting in challenging lighting conditions, where the lens manages to maintain excellent contrast without sacrificing detail.

Autofocus Performance

Speed and Accuracy

While the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 is a manual focus lens, it can be adapted to work with certain camera systems that offer autofocus capabilities. When paired with a compatible camera, the autofocus performance of this lens is impressive. It locks onto subjects quickly and accurately, allowing you to capture fast-moving action with ease.

Manual Focus Experience

Of course, the true beauty of the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 lies in its manual focus experience. The focus ring is smooth and well-damped, making it a joy to use. The long focus throw allows for precise adjustments, ensuring that you can nail the focus every time. If you enjoy the tactile experience of manual focusing, this lens will not disappoint.

Image Samples

Portrait Photography

The Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 is a fantastic lens for portrait photography. Its 80mm focal length provides a flattering perspective, and the wide maximum aperture of f/1.4 allows for beautiful background blur. Whether you are shooting in a studio or outdoors, this lens will help you capture stunning, professional-quality portraits with ease.

Street Photography

Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 is also well-suited for street photography. Its versatile focal length allows you to capture scenes from a distance, while the wide maximum aperture lets you isolate your subjects and create compelling compositions. With this lens, you'll be able to capture the essence of the streets with style.

Sports and Wildlife Photography

While the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 may not be the first lens that comes to mind for sports and wildlife photography, it can still produce impressive results in these genres. Its fast maximum aperture allows for faster shutter speeds, helping freeze the action. Additionally, the lens's sharpness and contrast ensure that your subjects stand out with excellent detail.


In conclusion, the Leica Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 is an exceptional lens that lives up to the reputation of the Summilux series. Its build quality, optical performance, and versatile focal length make it a valuable addition to any photographer's toolkit. Whether you are a portraitist, street photographer, or simply someone who appreciates the craftsmanship of a fine lens, the Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4 is sure to impress.

If you are in the market for a high-quality lens that delivers stunning image quality and a superb manual focus experience, look no further than the Leica Summilux-R 80mm f/1.4. It is a lens that will inspire you to push the boundaries of your photography and capture images that truly stand out.