35 Cantos De Entrada Para Misa

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Welcome to our blog article on "cantos de entrada para misa" or entrance hymns for Mass. Music plays an integral role in religious services, setting the tone and creating a sacred atmosphere. In this article, we will explore the significance of entrance hymns, discuss some popular choices, and provide tips for selecting the perfect canto de entrada for your next Mass.

The Significance of Entrance Hymns

1. Creating a Sacred Atmosphere

Entrance hymns are an essential part of any Mass as they set the tone for the entire worship service. These hymns help create a sacred atmosphere, inviting worshippers to focus their minds and hearts on the divine.

2. Symbolic Meaning

Entrance hymns often have deep symbolic meanings that reflect the theme of the liturgical season or the particular Sunday. They serve as a reminder of the central message of the Mass and help guide the congregation's worship.

Popular Choices for Entrance Hymns

1. "All Creatures of Our God and King"

This timeless hymn, originally written by St. Francis of Assisi, is a popular choice for entrance processions. Its joyful melody and lyrics celebrate the beauty of God's creation and set a joyful tone for the Mass.

2. "Gather Us In"

Written by Marty Haugen, "Gather Us In" has become a favorite entrance hymn in many Catholic churches. Its inclusive and welcoming lyrics invite all to come together as a community and prepare for worship.

3. "Cantemos al Amor de los Amores"

This Spanish hymn, translated as "Let's Sing to the Love of Loves," is often sung as an entrance hymn during Spanish-language Masses. Its beautiful melody and lyrics express love and adoration for Jesus in the Eucharist.

4. "Christ Be Our Light"

With its uplifting melody and lyrics, "Christ Be Our Light" is a popular choice for entrance hymns. It reminds worshippers of Christ's presence and encourages them to be a light in the world.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Canto de Entrada

1. Consider the Liturgical Season

Choose an entrance hymn that aligns with the liturgical season or the particular Sunday. For example, during Advent, hymns that focus on anticipation and preparation, such as "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," are fitting choices.

2. Reflect the Theme of the Mass

Consider the theme of the Mass or the readings for the day. Select a canto de entrada that reflects the central message or the Gospel reading. This will help enhance the worship experience for the congregation.

3. Engage the Congregation

Choose entrance hymns that are familiar to the congregation or have simple melodies and lyrics that are easy to learn. This will encourage active participation and engagement from the worshippers.

4. Consider Cultural Diversity

If your parish is multicultural, consider including entrance hymns in different languages to celebrate the diversity of your community. This will create a more inclusive worship environment.


Entrance hymns play a significant role in setting the tone and creating a sacred atmosphere for Mass. By carefully selecting canto de entrada that align with the liturgical season, reflect the theme of the Mass, engage the congregation, and celebrate cultural diversity, you can enhance the worship experience and help worshippers connect with the divine. Let the music uplift your soul and guide your journey of faith.