55 ņ道友 ż道恭 ņ弟睦 ŭ在中

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In Chinese culture, the saying "兄道友 弟道恭 兄弟睦 孝在中" holds great significance. It encapsulates the values of respect, harmony, and filial piety within the context of sibling relationships. This ancient proverb emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong bonds between brothers and sisters, as well as the virtue of showing filial piety to one's parents. In this article, we will explore the deeper meaning behind each part of this saying and how it can be applied in our modern lives.

兄道友 (Brothers should be friends)

The first part of the saying, "兄道友," highlights the importance of friendship between brothers. In Chinese culture, siblings are not just family members, but also lifelong companions and confidants. This phrase encourages brothers to treat each other with kindness, understanding, and loyalty. It signifies the need for brothers to support and care for one another, fostering a strong bond that goes beyond mere blood relations.

弟道恭 (Younger brothers should be respectful)

The second part of the saying, "弟道恭," focuses on the behavior of younger brothers. It emphasizes the virtue of respect and deference that younger siblings should show towards their older brothers. In Chinese culture, hierarchy and age play a significant role in family dynamics. Younger brothers are expected to be humble, obedient, and courteous towards their older siblings, acknowledging their wisdom and experience.

兄弟睦 (Brothers should live in harmony)

The third part of the saying, "兄弟睦," emphasizes the importance of fostering harmony and unity within the sibling relationship. It encourages brothers to resolve conflicts peacefully, communicate openly, and support each other through thick and thin. This phrase embodies the idea that a strong bond between brothers can overcome any challenges or differences that may arise.

孝在中 (Filial piety is essential)

The final part of the saying, "孝在中," highlights the significance of filial piety in Chinese culture. Filial piety, or "孝," is the virtue of showing respect, obedience, and care towards one's parents. This phrase reminds brothers of their duty to honor and support their parents, both in their words and actions. It stresses the idea that filial piety should be at the core of every sibling relationship.

Applying the Saying in Modern Life

Building Strong Relationships with Siblings

In today's fast-paced world, it can be easy to neglect the importance of maintaining strong relationships with our siblings. However, by embracing the values expressed in the saying "兄道友 弟道恭 兄弟睦 孝在中," we can nurture and strengthen the bond with our brothers and sisters. This can be achieved by spending quality time together, engaging in open and honest communication, and supporting each other's dreams and aspirations.

Showing Respect and Gratitude

The value of respect and gratitude towards our siblings should not be underestimated. By practicing humility, acknowledging the wisdom and experience of our older brothers, and showing appreciation for the care and guidance we receive, we can foster a deeper sense of respect within our sibling relationships. This creates an atmosphere of mutual understanding and strengthens the bond between siblings.

Fostering Harmony and Unity

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship, including those between siblings. However, the saying "兄弟睦" reminds us of the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully and maintaining harmony within our sibling relationships. By being willing to listen, compromise, and forgive, we can overcome disagreements and build a stronger foundation of trust and unity.

Practicing Filial Piety

孝在中, or filial piety, is a virtue deeply rooted in Chinese culture. It is the foundation of a harmonious family and serves as a guiding principle in sibling relationships. By showing respect, care, and support towards our parents, we not only fulfill our duty as sons and daughters but also set an example for our siblings. Practicing filial piety strengthens the bond between siblings and reinforces the values of the saying "兄道友 弟道恭 兄弟睦 孝在中."


The saying "兄道友 弟道恭 兄弟睦 孝在中" encapsulates the values of friendship, respect, harmony, and filial piety within the context of sibling relationships. It serves as a reminder for brothers to be friends, for younger siblings to be respectful, and for siblings to live in harmony. By applying these principles in our modern lives, we can strengthen the bond with our siblings and create a harmonious and loving family environment.