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Millard South baseball defeats Omaha Central to remain unbeaten
Millard South baseball defeats Omaha Central to remain unbeaten from omaha.com

Millard South Baseball Schedule


As the baseball season approaches, fans of Millard South High School are eagerly awaiting the release of the baseball team's schedule. This year promises to be an exciting one, with a lineup of challenging opponents and high-stakes games. In this article, we will discuss the Millard South baseball schedule, highlighting key matchups, important dates, and what fans can expect from this talented team.


Before the official start of the season, Millard South baseball team will participate in several pre-season activities to prepare for the upcoming games. These activities include practice sessions, scrimmages against other local high schools, and conditioning drills to ensure the team is in top shape.

Regular Season

The regular season for Millard South baseball typically begins in early spring and runs through late May. During this time, the team will face off against various opponents, both within their conference and outside of it. The regular season schedule is carefully crafted to include a mix of home and away games, providing fans with plenty of opportunities to support their favorite team.

Conference Games

Conference games hold immense importance for the Millard South baseball team, as they determine the team's standing within their conference. These games are typically highly competitive, with rival schools bringing their A-game to the field. Millard South will face off against strong opponents in their conference, such as Millard North and Millard West, making these matchups must-watch events.

Non-Conference Games

In addition to conference games, Millard South baseball team will also participate in non-conference matchups against teams from other areas. These games allow the team to showcase their skills against different opponents and provide a unique challenge. Non-conference games often bring out the best in players, as they face off against unfamiliar pitching styles and defensive strategies.

Tournament Opportunities

Throughout the season, Millard South baseball team will have the opportunity to compete in various tournaments. These tournaments bring together teams from different schools, providing a platform for intense competition and the chance to showcase individual and team talent. Tournaments often attract a large number of spectators, creating a thrilling atmosphere for players and fans alike.

Key Matchups

Within the schedule, there are several key matchups that fans should mark on their calendars. These games are often against rival schools or teams with a strong reputation, making them highly anticipated events. Some of the key matchups for Millard South baseball team this season include games against Millard North, Millard West, and Papillion-La Vista South. These games are expected to draw large crowds and showcase the best of high school baseball.

Home Games

Attending a home game is a great way for fans to show their support for the Millard South baseball team. Home games provide an opportunity to witness the team's skills firsthand and experience the unique atmosphere of their home field. The schedule will include several home games, giving fans plenty of chances to cheer on their favorite players.

Away Games

While home games offer a familiar environment, away games present a different challenge for the Millard South baseball team. Playing on unfamiliar fields and facing hostile crowds can be tough, but it also provides an opportunity for the team to showcase their resilience and adaptability. Away games are an excellent opportunity for fans to travel and support the team on the road.

Post-Season Possibilities

If the Millard South baseball team performs well during the regular season, they may have the opportunity to compete in post-season tournaments. These tournaments bring together the best teams from the region and provide a chance to earn championship titles. Post-season play is often intense and highly competitive, with teams going all out to secure victory.


The Millard South baseball schedule for this year is packed with exciting games, fierce rivalries, and opportunities for the team to showcase their skills. Fans can look forward to a season filled with thrilling moments, intense competition, and the chance to support their favorite players. Whether attending home games, traveling to away games, or following the team's progress from afar, the Millard South baseball schedule promises an unforgettable experience for all baseball enthusiasts.