50 Wisconsin State Trap Shoot 2023 Results

Trapshooting State shoot draws a crowd
Trapshooting State shoot draws a crowd from wcfcourier.com

Wisconsin State Trap Shoot 2023 Results


The Wisconsin State Trap Shoot is one of the most highly anticipated events in the world of trap shooting. Every year, shooters from all over the state gather to showcase their skills and compete for top honors. In 2023, the event took place at the beautiful WTA Homegrounds in Rome, Wisconsin. The competition was fierce, and participants brought their A-game to the range. Let's take a closer look at the results of this exciting event.

Overall Champions

At the Wisconsin State Trap Shoot 2023, the title of Overall Champion is the most coveted prize. This honor goes to the shooter who performs exceptionally well in all three disciplines of trap shooting: singles, handicap, and doubles. The Overall Champion for this year's event was John Thompson, a seasoned shooter who displayed remarkable consistency and accuracy throughout the competition.

Singles Competition

In the Singles Competition, shooters take aim at targets flying solo. It is a test of precision and focus, as participants try to hit as many of the 100 targets as possible. This year, the top spot in the Singles Competition was claimed by Sarah Johnson, a talented shooter known for her impeccable technique and unwavering concentration.

Handicap Competition

The Handicap Competition adds an extra challenge to the mix. Shooters are placed at various distances from the trap house, based on their skill level. This year, the Handicap Competition was dominated by James Anderson, a rising star in the trap shooting community. Despite the challenging conditions, Anderson showcased his ability to adapt and hit targets from a distance with incredible accuracy.

Doubles Competition

The Doubles Competition is a true test of speed and coordination. Shooters must hit two targets released simultaneously from the trap house. This year, the Doubles Competition was won by Emma Wilson, a young shooter who demonstrated exceptional reflexes and the ability to quickly acquire targets. Wilson's performance in this discipline was nothing short of impressive.

Team Events

The Wisconsin State Trap Shoot also features team events, where groups of shooters come together to compete against other squads. These events foster camaraderie and team spirit among the participants. In the team events, the top honors went to the "Sharpshooters," a group of skilled shooters who collaborated seamlessly to outperform their competitors and claim victory.

Individual Awards

In addition to the overall champions and winners of each discipline, the Wisconsin State Trap Shoot 2023 also recognized outstanding individual performances in various categories. These awards acknowledge the exceptional skills and dedication of the participants.

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year award is presented to the most promising newcomer in the trap shooting community. This year, the honor went to Michael Adams, a young shooter who displayed immense potential and a remarkable ability to handle the pressures of competition.

High Overall Junior

Trap shooting has a strong youth presence, and the High Overall Junior award celebrates the top-performing junior shooter in the competition. This year, the recipient of this prestigious award was Emily Roberts, a talented young shooter who demonstrated exceptional skill and maturity beyond her years.

High Overall Lady

The High Overall Lady award recognizes the top-performing female shooter in the competition. This year, the honor went to Samantha Davis, a seasoned competitor who consistently showcased her marksmanship and dedication to the sport.

High Overall Veteran

Trap shooting is not limited to the younger generation, and the High Overall Veteran award celebrates the top-performing shooter above the age of 60. This year, the recipient of this esteemed award was Robert Johnson, a seasoned veteran known for his experience, wisdom, and impressive shooting skills.


The Wisconsin State Trap Shoot 2023 was a resounding success, attracting some of the best shooters in the state and showcasing their exceptional skills. From the Overall Champion to the winners of each discipline and the recipients of individual awards, these talented individuals proved that trap shooting is a sport that requires precision, focus, and dedication. Congratulations to all the participants and winners of this year's event. We look forward to another thrilling competition in the years to come.