+26 Woodbury Black And Blue Tournament

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The Woodbury Black and Blue Tournament is an annual sporting event that brings together athletes from all over the country to compete in a variety of sports. This year, the tournament promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with new additions and exciting competitions.

1. History of the Tournament

The Woodbury Black and Blue Tournament has been a beloved event in the community for over a decade. It was originally started as a way to promote camaraderie and healthy competition among local athletes. Over the years, it has grown in size and popularity, attracting participants from far and wide.

2. Dates and Location

This year's tournament will take place from July 15th to July 20th at the Woodbury Sports Complex. The complex boasts state-of-the-art facilities and ample space for all the different sports that will be featured in the tournament.

3. Sports Featured in the Tournament

The Woodbury Black and Blue Tournament offers a wide range of sports for athletes to compete in. Some of the sports featured in this year's tournament include:

a. Soccer

Soccer enthusiasts will have the opportunity to showcase their skills on the field. Teams from different age groups and skill levels will compete against each other in a series of intense matches.

b. Basketball

Hoops fanatics will have a chance to shine on the basketball court. The tournament will feature both 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 games, giving players the opportunity to showcase their individual talents as well as their teamwork.

c. Volleyball

Volleyball players will have the chance to spike, set, and dig their way to victory in the tournament. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, there will be divisions for all skill levels.

d. Tennis

Tennis players will have the opportunity to showcase their skills on the court. The tournament will feature both singles and doubles matches, allowing players to compete individually or as a team.

e. Swimming

Swimmers will have the chance to race against their peers in the tournament. From freestyle to butterfly, there will be a variety of events to showcase different swimming styles.

f. Track and Field

Athletes with a need for speed can participate in the track and field events. From sprints to long jumps, there will be a range of events to test participants' agility and athleticism.

4. New Additions to the Tournament

This year's tournament will feature several new additions to keep athletes and spectators entertained. Some of the exciting new additions include:

a. Esports

In recognition of the growing popularity of esports, the tournament will include a dedicated esports competition. Gamers will have the chance to compete against each other in popular video games and showcase their skills.

b. Yoga and Fitness Classes

To promote overall health and well-being, the tournament will offer yoga and fitness classes for participants and spectators. These classes will provide a chance for individuals to relax, stretch, and unwind between games.

c. Food Trucks and Vendors

To satisfy hungry athletes and spectators, the tournament will have a variety of food trucks and vendors on-site. From delicious burgers to refreshing smoothies, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

d. Live Entertainment

In addition to the sports competitions, the tournament will also feature live entertainment throughout the week. Local bands, dancers, and other performers will take the stage to entertain the crowd and create a vibrant atmosphere.

5. Registration and Participation

Registration for the Woodbury Black and Blue Tournament is now open. Participants can register online through the tournament's official website. The registration fee varies depending on the sport and age group.

6. Spectator Information

The tournament welcomes spectators to come and cheer on the athletes. Admission is free, and spectators can enjoy watching the games from designated seating areas. There will also be opportunities to purchase tournament merchandise and show support for your favorite teams.

7. COVID-19 Safety Measures

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the tournament organizers have implemented strict safety measures to ensure the health and well-being of all participants and spectators. These measures include:

a. Mandatory Vaccination

All participants and spectators are required to provide proof of vaccination before entering the tournament venue.

b. Mask Mandate

Masks must be worn at all times, both indoors and outdoors, except when actively participating in a sport or eating/drinking in designated areas.

c. Social Distancing

Participants and spectators are required to maintain a minimum of six feet of distance from others whenever possible.

d. Sanitization Stations

Hand sanitization stations will be available throughout the venue, and participants are encouraged to regularly sanitize their hands.

e. Limited Capacity

To ensure social distancing, the tournament will operate at a reduced capacity. Spectators are encouraged to arrive early to secure their spot.


The Woodbury Black and Blue Tournament is an exciting event that brings athletes and spectators together for a week of intense competition and entertainment. With a wide range of sports and new additions, this year's tournament promises to be a memorable experience for all involved. Whether you're a player or a spectator, don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this incredible sporting event.