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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Mining Guide ⛏️ How to Laser Mine in Elite Dangerous 2022 Money Making
Elite Dangerous Odyssey Mining Guide ⛏️ How to Laser Mine in Elite Dangerous 2022 Money Making from www.youtube.com


Welcome to the world of Elite Dangerous mining in 2022! Mining has always been an integral part of the Elite Dangerous universe, allowing players to extract valuable resources from asteroids and planets. In this article, we will dive into the intricacies of mining in Elite Dangerous, exploring the different mining methods, equipment, and strategies that will help you strike it rich in the vastness of space.

1. Understanding the Basics

1.1 What is Mining?

Mining in Elite Dangerous involves extracting valuable minerals, metals, and other resources from asteroids and planetary rings. These resources can be used for crafting, trading, or selling for profit.

1.2 Types of Resources

There are three main types of resources you can mine in Elite Dangerous: Minerals, Metals, and Cores.

2. Mining Methods

2.1 Laser Mining

Laser mining is the most common and straightforward mining method in Elite Dangerous. It involves using a mining laser to break down the surface of an asteroid and collect the fragments.

2.2 Subsurface Mining

Subsurface mining is a more advanced mining method that involves using specialized equipment to extract resources from within an asteroid. It requires precise targeting and timing to extract the resources successfully.

2.3 Core Mining

Core mining is a highly lucrative mining method that involves finding and extracting valuable cores within asteroids. These cores contain high-value minerals and metals, making them extremely valuable.

3. Mining Equipment

3.1 Mining Lasers

Mining lasers are essential tools for laser mining. There are different types of mining lasers available, each with its own pros and cons. Choosing the right mining laser for your mining operation is crucial for efficiency and profitability.

3.2 Abrasion Blasters

Abrasion blasters are specialized tools used for surface mining. They are used to break off surface deposits from asteroids and collect the fragments.

3.3 Subsurface Displacement Missiles

Subsurface displacement missiles are used for subsurface mining. These missiles are fired into the drilled subsurface deposit, causing a controlled explosion that releases valuable resources for collection.

3.4 Seismic Charge Launchers

Seismic charge launchers are used for core mining. These launchers are used to place seismic charges on the surface of a targeted asteroid, causing it to fracture and reveal its valuable core.

4. Finding Mining Hotspots

4.1 Resource Extraction Sites (RES)

Resource Extraction Sites (RES) are areas in space where asteroid belts are rich in resources. These sites are often frequented by pirates and other players, so caution is advised when mining in RES.

4.2 Planetary Rings

Planetary rings are another great place to find mining hotspots. These rings are made up of countless asteroids, some of which may contain valuable resources.

4.3 Using Prospector Limpets

Prospector limpets are drones that can be deployed to scan asteroids and determine their composition and resource content. Using prospector limpets is essential for efficient mining, as they allow you to maximize your yield.

5. Maximizing Profitability

5.1 Refining and Selling Resources

Once you have collected a significant amount of resources, it's time to refine and sell them. Refineries can be found in most stations and outposts, where you can convert your raw resources into more valuable materials for trading or selling.

5.2 Mining Mission Boards

Mining mission boards offer additional opportunities to earn credits through mining. These missions often require you to mine specific resources or deliver them to a designated location for a reward.

5.3 Fleet Carriers

Fleet Carriers are massive player-owned ships that can serve as mobile bases for mining operations. By investing in a fleet carrier, you can significantly increase your mining efficiency and profitability.

6. Mining Tips and Strategies

6.1 Always Carry Extra Limpets

Running out of limpets in the middle of a mining operation can be frustrating and wasteful. Always carry extra limpets to ensure you can continue mining without interruption.

6.2 Use Collector Limpets Efficiently

Collector limpets are crucial for collecting the fragments of resources you have mined. Use them efficiently by positioning your ship close to the asteroid and deploying multiple limpets to maximize collection speed.

6.3 Upgrade Your Mining Equipment

Upgrading your mining equipment, such as mining lasers and limpet controllers, can significantly improve your mining efficiency and yield. Invest in higher-rated equipment to maximize your profitability.

6.4 Watch Out for Pirates

Mining can attract unwanted attention from pirates looking to steal your valuable cargo. Equip your ship with defensive measures and be prepared to defend yourself when necessary.

6.5 Join Mining Communities

Joining mining communities and forums can provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies from experienced miners. Sharing knowledge and experiences with other miners can help you improve your mining skills and profitability.


Mining in Elite Dangerous is a rewarding and profitable activity that offers endless possibilities for exploration and wealth. By understanding the basics, utilizing the right mining methods and equipment, and implementing effective strategies, you can become a successful and prosperous miner in the vastness of space. So grab your mining lasers, hop in your ship, and embark on a thrilling mining adventure in Elite Dangerous!